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Sissies and Trans women

Sissies or what?

I recently had a question from someone who asked “So are you a girl who likes turning guys into sissies or what?  Just wondering.  I’m transsexual.”

This question isn’t an unusual one, but it’s different in that it came from a trans woman, and I thought it brought up an interesting conversation about what I do, and also, about the differences between sissies an trans-women, and where they overlap.

How do I love Sissies?

forced sissification storiesI love to play with sissies, but it must be pointed out that  I don’t “turn them” so much as I help them explore the sissy desires they already have.

Given the nature of sexual submission and the fantasized notion of mind control through hypnosis, I understansd that many people enjoy fantasie of being forced to do things they secretly really, really want to do.  To some extent, it can release people from the responsibility of making a choice which is awkward for them.  But make no mistake.. they’ve already made that choice before they called me.  I’m very clear about what I do and what audience I cater to.  Nobody ends up being exposed to my stories and recordings by accident.

Still, I fully understand that the nature of a submissive enjoys the feeling of another person being in control.  And so stories of “forced” feminization for forced faggotization are popular.  I’m happy to cater to those fantasies, so long as everyone understands, they’re only fantasies.

What about Sissies and Trans Women?

For clarification, my definition of sissy means both effeminate and sexually submissive.  Sissy play isn’t exclusively about the erotic, but to me, getting the libido involved is what takes dressing girly from simply crossdressing to being a transvestite.. and the submissive element is what makes a transvestite into a sissy.

Not every person has the same definition, but I think I’ve hit on a common one, if not the only one, as it pertains to the sissy fetish.

As for  trans-women, I like them as well as any other women, but speaking in a really generalized way, trans-women aren’t sissies, they’re just women.  Even if they’re submissive, telling a trans-woman “good girl” won’t have the same sting of humiliation because you can’t emasculate a woman.

With all that said, it bares repeating that I do like trans-women (and trans-men) and I have had a number of trans-women for both submissives and also as my partners in Alpha-Couple type situations.

Truth be told though, my interest in trans-women may seem inflated to anyone who views my tumblr blog. I repost alot of images of trans-women with big, hard cocks because sissies have major appeal to the sissy community.  They’d  fetishized trans-women as being hyper feminine while still retaining the core of their masculine sexual pleasure. A huge number of sissies also like to fantasize about sucking a cock, but don’t want to go tumbling into fully homosexual porn and erotica.

It’s a bit of a mixed bag for trans-women, because fetishization can go hand in hand with objectification.  But then, it also encourages exposure, which leads to normalization.   Either way, being objectified by men is a very female experience, so it can be seen by some trans-women as one of those dubious wins.

I will acknowledge that my catering to this fetish could reasonably be seen as my being part of the problem.  I would respect anyone who thought so.  But I would also refuse to change.. because in the end, I think fantasy is healthy.  Even when it’s a fantasy that’s not very sensitive to diversity or political correctness.  I don’t have a problem with people who have what some might see as distasteful fantasies.  I just have a problem with people who don’t know the difference between fantasy and reality.

Besides, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.. your erection does not necessarily define your world view.  But fair warning, if your erection makes you seem like kind of a douche bag, I’ll be watching  see how well the rest of you confirms what your dick is implying.

There ya go.. a very long answer for a very short question.. but also a subject I’m keen on.

Thank you for asking.

Mean Mistress? Me?

Mean Mistress Me

I’m not much of a mean Mistress.  I don’t suppose that’s news to many of you.  But I recently received an email from someone asking if I do anything a little darker than my usual, playful domination.

Check out that free gift recording up at the top of the page.  You’ll see.   My usual tone leans toward the playful.  I can sometimes grow a bit harsher toward the pinnacle of my recordings, but that’s more of a passionate tone than a mean one.

I get that tone in about half of my recordings, so I couldn’t even tell him which stories had it in them.  Even when I get like that though,  you may call me demanding, but I don’t think I’d qualify as a mean Mistress.

Meaner Mistresses and Masters

Slave of a mean mistress

For kink with a  darker theme,  I told him (and I’m telling you, for those who have an interest in it) about  a school of BDSM called Gorean.

There are many reasons I wouldn’t recommend a Gorean lifestyle to anyone.  It’s misogynistic, unrealistc, and relies on a set of rules created by a fictional world from some pulp novels to dictate the rules of engagement.  Oh… and it allows people to become “insta-Doms” by requiring any man to be called Master regardless of if has ever inspired a moment of submissive feelings in another person.

BUT.. there are some aspect of Gorean play that a sissy sub exploring her options for debasement might enjoy.

Gorean submissives are truly objectified.  They’re treated like slaves and dehumanized as little more than livestock.  They’re referred to without names, as simply “Girl” or “boy.”  They don’t even refer to themselves with an expression of personal identity.  There is no “me,” or “I” in the vocabulary of the Gorean slave.  They refer to themselves simply as “this girl” or “this boy.”

All men and women are referred to as Master or Mistress, unless they are slaves.  A distinction is made for the slave’s personal owner who is  distinguished by calling them “my Mistress” as opposed to simply “Mistress.”

Despite the problems I have with it, Gorean slavery can be beautiful.  It’s very ritualized and there are many rules to learn for slaves and Dominants alike.  For exampple, the positions in which a slave kneels and whether she keeps her knees together or apart are all dictated by her station as a slave.. and what services she’s required to silent offer to the masters around her.

While it’s never been my cup of tea,  I’ve been to Gorean parties and they’ve inspired a few of my stories.  In them, I treat my pet as little more than a piece of fuckmeat.

If you’d like to explore them, the first is called

Your Utter Debasement for My Enjoyment


and the other was called simply




I hope you like them

Sissy ToDo List: 55 Ways to Go Fuck Yourself

Ok Sissy, you clearly can’t get enough of that deep down, depraved sissy fucking.

sissy fuck it list You want it any way you can get it.  Lucky for you, there are so many ways to get your sissy needs, and your sissy holes, filled.

Here’s a starter list of ways to go fuck yourself.   It also works well as a list of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

  You’re welcome, Sissy.


Sissy Fuckit List

  1. Shove a finger up your ringer
  2. Stuff it in a pocket pussy
  3. Pop a pen in your pooper
  4. With a hair brush handle up your hairy hole
  5. Boogie with a banana up your butt
  6. Back up to a butt plug
  7. Get it on with a glue stick
  8. Make out with a medicine bottle
  9. Zip a zucchini up that ass
  10. Lube up a lipstick tube
  11. Pump your dick between the pillows
  12. Corn-hole with a candy cane
  13. Spoon with a spoon handle
  14. Dildo your dung hole
  15. Cut a love tunnel into a honeydew
  16. Fist your dick
  17. Sit on a soda Bottle
  18. Cuddle with a carrot
  19. Flush out that cum with a toilet brush handle
  20. Cuddle with a candle
  21. Get baseball bat in your dugout
  22. Go dogging with some doggie toys
  23. Pop a popsicle in your pooper
  24. Make it with a marker
  25. Frig a flashlight
  26. Pound on a hammer handle
  27. Get it on with a condom filled with gelatin
  28. Shuck a shaver handle
  29. Cum with a cucumber
  30. Buddy up to a broom handle
  31. Stick it to a lubed up rubber glove
  32. Hum with a vibrator
  33. Cum on a condom filled with water and frozen
  34. Travel with a mini shampoo bottle
  35. Roll up with a roll of coins
  36. Cozy up to the couch cushions
  37. Ketchup with a condiment bottle
  38. Be all about the anal beads
  39. Perfume your ass with a cologne bottle
  40. Tug it with a Tenga
  41. Lay a PVC pipe
  42. Love a lint roller
  43. Fuck a Fleshlight
  44. Take a toothbrush handle
  45. Sit on a Summer squash
  46. Catch an orgasm with a fishing rod handle
  47. Cornhole yourself with a Corn cob
  48. Do a douche nozzle
  49. Screw a screwdriver handle
  50. Wave on a Magician’s Wand
  51. Sink a model submarine
  52. Slip the soap up there.
  53. Inflatable dong
  54. Beat off with a bratwurst
  55. Cum on a cock!


If you need more ideas, you could always check me out on Niteflirt.

Now go, be fruitful, ya fruity sissy fuck.  And have a happy Thanksgiving.


Sensual Femdom Hypnosis By Shayna

Sissification Hypnosis by Mistress Shayna Domina

Sissification Hypnosis Mistress Shayna Domina

Mistress Shayna Domina is a sensual Domme who specializes  in feminization and sissification hypnosis.

At an early age, Shayna understood the power of her sexuality.   She uses this gift against big, strong, alpha-males, bringing them to their knees.   She takes particular pleasure in turning them into her good little sissies.

“While you’re down there, darling,” she orders with a honeyed voice. “Bend over and prepare to be boarded.” Despite her polite tone, the underlying threat of her displeasure compels them.  Well, that and erotic promise of her strap-on.

With how she likes to turn men into sissies, it’s only natural hypnosis became a tool of her trade.  “It’s as much a part of sissification as the lipstick, dildos, and chastity devices,” she says.  Judging by the reviews she gets from her happy sissies, they agree.

Her sweet nature adds a perverted touch to her kinky games.  and the two compliment each other well.  Between them, she’ll have you flushed with excitement as you explore the depths of your submission.

In time, her hobbies became her profession.  Now, Mistress can be found on, selling Sissification Hypnosis mp3s and taking calls.

Mistress Shayna enjoys dancing, candlelit strap-on sessions, and collecting balls… and of course, mind fucking sissification hypnosis.

You should try giving her a call.  What have you got to lose, except your balls?  You weren’t using them anyway, now were you?

… Nah.  Didn’t think so.

Need More Info to Get Started?

Check out the SAQs (Stupidly Asked Questions,) Rules of Slavery, and New to Hypno-fetish pages

Contact Mistress Shayna by Phone or Get Her Sissification Hypnosis MP3s at:
1-800-TO-FLIRT, extension 01732154
Call MistressShayna for Femdom phone sex on

 She may also be found on Social Media as ShaynaDomina


You Tube



Mistress Humiliation

Reward: Lost DildoNo, I didn’t type that wrong.

I didn’t mean sissies, I meant Mistress.. as in yours truly.  Because few things in life are more embarrassing than going on vacation with your lover to a spa resort owned by his business associate and coming back to find you’re missing a bag that had carried a good number of your toys.

And by toys, I mean specifically:

  • 1 30 inch flogger
  • 1 14 inch pussy whip
  • 3 butt plugs of varying sizes
  • 1 strap-on harness
  • 1 7 inch dildo
  • 1 cupping set
  • 1 set of cuffs
  • 1 3 ring collar
  • 10 condoms
  • 1 tube of Astroglide Gel

I’m sure more things will be added to the list as I remember them, but that’s all I can think of for now.  Thank god I didn’t have all my stuff in that bag.   There were plenty of butt plugs, restraints, and dildos and vibes to go around when I got home.

Though I have to say, as happy as I am to still have all my favorites, (I’d have noticed any of my Tantus stuff missing the moment it was out of reach,) it’s a bit mortifying to wait for my lover’s friend to realize who the bag o’ tricks belongs to.

There’s a small hope the resort staff won’t know who it actually belongs to, since we checked in under a pseudonym and it will all just go away under a cloud of speculation and mystery.  But even that isn’t a guarantee, as my lover is a bit well known and was recognized by at least some of the staff while we were there. When people who saw him realize his name wasn’t in their computer, it won’t take a brainiac to figure out who was in the room registered to “Inigo Montoya.”

In the mean time, we just wait and see if we get any calls or interesting packages.

Sooooo… that’s been my summer so far.