Did you Get a Load of These Goodies?

Have you been to my goodies tab recently, or have you been missing out on my rereleases of my classic MP3s at half their original prices?

Here’s some of that you’ve been missing:




Ornamental Male SPH & Forced-Bi mp3


It’s a pretty little dick, I’ll give you that..

But there’s not much it can do to please a woman with how small it is. Sex is only something you can watch from the sidelines.. unless of course, you want to join in as a little cocksucker. After all, if you can’t grow a dick, you can at least please one.

Today’s MP3 has you by the teeny balls as you are humiliated,m cuckolded, and finally, brought to your cock sucking knees.

You’ll love it.

Cocksucker Cure: Hypno-fag mp3


You’ve had the cocksucker sickness, not it’s time for the cocksucker cure with my latest forced-bi hypnofetish mp3


You’ve been a chronic cocksucker for longer than you can remember, chasing that dick with a feverish zeal.  Thank goodness Mistress Shayna has a cure.. and for just $20, you can have it in this 21 minute hypno-fetish MP3.


(Disclaimer: There is no cure.. you’re just a faggot.  But at least you’ll get some temporary relief from that swollen clitty cock by the time we’re done here.)



Sick Cocksucker: A Fresh, New Mind-fuck MP3 from Mistress Shayna



Thoughts are contagious, Pet. First one person gets an idea and shares it.. soon enough, everyone you know has the same idea.. They’ve all been thinking lately.. thinking about you.  And now I think you’re coming down with a severe case of being a cock sucker.  Don’t believe me?  Buy this mp3 and learn just what a sick fuck you are.


Fulfilling Your Faggot Destiny

You were mine before I ever had you.. and you were a faggot before I ever fucked your ass.  That’s why fulfilling your faggot destiny is so damned impossible to resist.

And when you’re all finished remembbering why you need cock, you can visit my profile page on niteflirt to get more fabulous faggotization in the Goodies tab.

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