Bimbo-fication: An Erotic New Hypno-fetish MP3


It looks so easy to be a bimbo, doesn’t it?  Never having a thought in their pretty little heads beyond boys and lipstick.  It must be so easy to be a brainless fuck toy like that.  I know you envy them their simple, slutty lives and their vacuous smiles.  That’s alright pet, you needn’t envy them.. Mistress is going to turn you into one of them.  Won’t that be nice, pet?  To be a pretty, slutty, empty-headed little fuck-toy?  It’s alright, your secret is safe with me.  Now.. just click that pretty little button and we’ll begin you bimbo-fication process.


Or you could always call Shayna live for a mind altering Femdom Phone Sex and Erotic Hypnosis experience.

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