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A Sissy Mistress on the Road

Mistress is hitting the spa for a few days.  Try to manage without me, pets.  For now, I have to work on my packing list.

  • Toothbrush, Toothpaste, FlossKofferV3
  • Hair Brush and Flat Iron
  • Make-up
  • Anal Swizzler
  • Small, Medium, and Large Metal Butt Plug
  • Extra Large Anal Dilator
  • Anal Beads
  • Small, Medium, and Mother-Fuckin Giant Dildos
  • Rabbit Vibe
  • Strap-on and Harness
  • Feeldo
  • Astroglide Gel
  • Velcro Cuffs for Wrist and Ankles
  • Handcuffs
  • Bed Restraints
  • Rope
  • Blindfold
  • Ball Gag
  • Long Flogger
  • Pussy Whip
  • Nipple Clamps
  • Compression Tape
  • Latex Gloves
  • Condoms

….. I know I’m forgetting something.




Oh.. crap.. clothes!

Ok then

  • Bikini

Little Pink Dicked Sissies Love Big Black Cock

I’ve had so many little white bitch bois lately begging me to get them some big, black cock to suck.

Clearly, real men are in high demand by little sissies.

While I’m always happy to indulge in a little comparison between the superiority in size and pleasure obtained from a well hung black stud, I’m afraid I just don’t have time this week to release a new mp3.

What I do have time to do though, is point you little pin-dicked bitches to some of my most popular BBC themed mp3s from the past.

 They’re chock full of big, black cock.. and you will be, too.

This  first one is called Big, Black Balls.. it’s a touch of hypno-fetish blended into a hot fantasy about a a long, stron, basketball team of black men tagging your ass.

  Then there’s my Black Friday sale forced-bi fantasy mp3

I’m sure you’ll find something of interest to stroke to in this one.

 And I also put out a sweet little cuckold fantasy mp3 called My Black Lover Takes Control.  It’s perfect for getting little pink-dicked cocksuckers like you all juiced up.

 Femdom mp3


If you’re too scared to just o ahead and buy, you could always listen to a clip while your dick makes up your mind for you.

Wow.. two posts from Mistress in a week. Will wonders never cease?

Hello Pet. I think you’ll like what I have to offer today.. 

You may recall all the way back to yesterday when I mentioned you being Mistress’ little pass around pet, yes? My girlfriends and I have had fun cooking up this little Round Robin style treat for you and I know you’ll enjoy being our little jerk-off toy.

Here’s how it works. 

Below is a button for an mp3 with a little jerk-off assignment. When you purchase the mp, you’ll also receive pay-to-view buttons for other assingments  from my girlfriends.  They’ll each have something delicious for you and when you’re done with one, you can move on to the next button in the list.  You’ll continue along until you’ve come full circle, back to your Mistress, when you’ll remember to leave a note saying how well you enjoyed yourself.

Have fun.. and good luck.




Of course, if you’re looking for good ole fashioned, one-on-one, live action mind fuckery and erotic hypnosis, you could always call me.  These days, you can catch me during the week from about 8:30ish to 3:30ish, Pacific time.  If you’d like a hypnosis session, I recommend you call by 3pm Pacific at the latest.

Be Mistress’ Pass-Around Pet

rrHello Poppets,

I hope you’ve all been well and happy.  I realize it’s been some time since my last post, and even longer since my last post that was anything other than an update on what new sissification or hypno-fetish story I’ve released.  Fortunately for me, you all seem to be a patient lot.  (Or is it just that you’re online interested in me for the salacious little hypnotic tidbits I’ve been making?)

I think your patience will be rewarded.  You see, I’ve gotten together with some of my favorite flirts from and we put our wicked little minds together to come up with a challeneg for our collective pets.

Tomorrow, we’ll be releasing Round Robin assignments.  We’ll each have a short mp or text assignment for you which reflects our personal tastes and style.  Some of us are more erotic, some of us more sadistic, and some of the lovely ladies in the group s are pretty vanilla.  But as with all the best sex, a little sweet can contrast the spice quite nicely.

Your job is to go from one to the next, following the instructions and telling us all about how well you liked it in the feedback. As my pets, I expect you to represent me well and do as your told for the other Mistresses and flirts.

If you’re interested in learning more about my friends while you get yourself all worked up in anticipation for tomorrow, you can find some of them online at the links below.

Have fun, Pets.

Goddess Bella Donna

TV Kristina

Inara Stark Nerdomme

Gypsy Godde$$

Miss Emma

Goddess Luna

Remember 9-11, and don’t forget you’re a fuckwit: Rantings From a NYC HypnoDomme

No, we haven’t forgotten 9-11, you douche.


Stop with the pins, the bumper stickers, and the tchotchkes..  you’re not reminding anyone to never forget about those who were killed.  You know what you’re doing? You’re spending a dollar, or five dollars on some piece of shit that another person slapped together for quick buck.  It’s enough to make a even a hynodomme, who, let’s face it.. fucks with mind control to take your money, shudder in disgust at the lack of ethics and morality.


And in the case of pricier items, like the memorial coins or some bit of scrap metal or cement you were sold.. you may have bought yourself a small piece of history, but you also bought a huge piece of someone profiting from tragedy.


You’re not reminding anyone with your cap that says “never forget.”  That message is trite at best and fucking patronizing at worst.


You want to remember the people who have given their lives? Fine.. take your dollar shove it into a fund for the kids whose parents aren’t sending them to college because they’re too dead..

..or how about skipping the ribbon bumper sticker and sending the five bucks off to the responders who are now suffering cancer and lung disease from inhaling the dust and smoke that surrounded the site for months and months after the attacks?

There ya go, Shithead.. *now* you’re remembering 9-11.

Oh.. and just to keep this post on the subject of all things Femdom Phone Sex, you’re also a sissy, loser, mind-controlled cum-dump of a hypno-fetish mind slave.  There.. Your loving Hypnodomme, Mistress Shayna is sure you feel better now?

Click a fucking link somewhere else to get back to the Femdom Phone Sex, Hypno-fetish mind slave,and all the other things a mind control sissy craves from a loving Hypnodomme.

And as always, your Hypnodomme, Mistress Shayna is available for Hyno-fetish, mind slave, and mind control sissy, femdom phone sex calls at a rate you probably can’t afford to pay anyway now that you’ve spent your cash on pieces of moronic bullshit.. but you can always try giving your favorite, albeit bitchy today, hypno-fetish femdom Mistress Shayna a femdom phone sex call for a nice, relaxing mind control experience.

Don’t be surprised when I intersperse your fucking hypno-fetish femdom phone sex with all sorts of subliminal cues making it painful for you to even look at a piece of 9-11 “memorabilia” and make shooting pains shoot from your little sissy dick to your warped, mind slave brain if you ever so much as fucking think of putting a t-shirt on your pet decrying “freedom isn’t free” with a picture of the twin towers on it.  You have no idea what kind of mind control fucking games this hypnodomme will play with the sissy bitch who defies me on this.

Hypnodomme rant over.