Assnotized: an Ass Worshipping new Hypno-fetish mp3

Hypno-fetish and ass worship in the very same MP3.. bless your submissive soul, it’s rear-Valhalla.

The way it looks, the way it feels, the way is sways, and the way it captures your attention, refusing to let go.  You’re hypnotized..  You’re assnotized.. you’re taken in and brought under in this ass worshiping hypno-fetish MP3

Are you ready for this kind of mind fucking, ass adoring hypno-fetish?

Prepare yourself for the most intense derriere devotion you’ve experienced to date as you slip into an easy trance and deep, erotic, hypno-fetish bliss.


You’ll never get out with your mind in tact, but then, being the littlem hypno-fetish fiend you are, yuo don’t want to, now do you?