A New Glory Hole Sissy Video For My Pets



Your beloved Mistress Shayna has done it again and produced yet another sissy for the glory-hole.  You’ll salivate and stroke as you imagine yourself in her place, listening to Mistress Shayna urging you to take it deeper and make it squirt.  A five minute quickie is all you’ll be able to stand before you blow your load, just like the sissy in the video.. just $7.50.



And if you haven’t yet seen the last little sissy cocksucker to crawl up to the hole, you can enjoy my previous Glory Hole Sissy #1 video right here

One thought on “A New Glory Hole Sissy Video For My Pets”

  1. I submitted a comment on your other glory hole video post, but wanted to make sure you saw my message. It’s copied and pasted below:

    What’s up Mistress Shayna,

    It’s your long lost blog follower, FreshlyDirty. I would love to talk to you about something business related. At your earliest convenience, please email me at the same nickname I message you with plus add the yahoo and the dot com at the end. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,


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