A New Cuckolding Quickie Humiliation MP3 for my Sissy Cuckold


I good time was had by all.. well, all who aren’t a little cuckold bitch-boi.


I got it soooo good last night, I just had to share with my favorite little sissy cuck.

You want to share it with me, don’t you?  I mean, if you can’t share in my orgasm, you can at least share in the clean-up.. right?

He was so big and hard it made me cum like a demon, and now I get to bask in the warmth of a tender, dripping pussy.  It’s the perfect breakfast for a little creampie loving cuckold like you.  So go ahead.. kiss it better and clean it up.

I’m awfully tuckered out after last night, so today I’ve got just a little quickie mp3 for for you, cuckold-boi.  And it’s only five dollars for six minutes. Hell, that’s an amazing bargain for a quick-draw little dick like you.. after all, you could probably get a dozen cums in that amount of time, right?

Go on.. he got his, not you can get yours.