A Fagottizing New Erotic Hypnosis mp3

erotic hypnosis

Say bye bye to the bi with today’s new erotic hypnosis mp3.

I know how hard it’s been, Pet.. having all those confusing feelings about women, and now men as well.  I think it’s time for me to stop teasing you and making you have all those dirty, filthy, bisexual tendencies.  Today, as you listen to my latest erotic hypnosis mp3,  it’s time to say bye bye to the bi tendencies and embrace your one, true path… as a full-fledged faggot.

erotic hypnosis


Feel the tingling power of my erotic hypnosis mp3 and surrender your sexuality

You want it.. it’s what drives you to return for more and more.. it’s why you seek out erotic hypnosis mp3s.  You yearn to be under the kind of control which not only captures and torments your body, but your mind as well.  And what better way to demonstrate just how under my control you are than to alter your entire sexuality?

That’s right pet.. you’ll no longer be straight, with the exception of when “Mistress makes you suck a cock.”  You’ll no longer merely have some bisexual tendencies.  You’ll surrender your mind to my erotic hypnosis mp3 and surrender your sexuality as well.  You will be completely faggotized by the time I”m done with you.

And it’s going to feel do good to be so badly abused by all that cock you love.

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