Not A Fagot?! Are You Kidding Me, Sissy?

OK, so I’ve got the little Sissy fuck on a Niteflirt call…

She’s in her little pink nightie again and she’s got the big fucking dildo in her boi-cunt. And I do mean the BIG one.  This fucking thing could intimidate Mr. Ed.  So this bitch is repeating again and again, in that raspy breath “I’m a sissy, and I’m going to cum in my panties. I’m just a girl and I’m rubbing my little pussy in my sissy pink panties. I’m a girl and I need to be fucked in my pink panties.” She’s called before. It’s always the same pink nightie and increasingly larger dildoes stretching her hole.

Of course, this sets me off on my usual path. Playing the sissy-pimp is what I do. I prepare them to be used by real men. Sometimes I get to it sooner. Sometimes I tease it out. But I always get to it eventually. It’s kind of my thing.

So I tell the little cocklet lover that I know a man with a warm, fat cock. I tell her I want to see him fill her face and boy-pussy full of cum.

Suddenly, this person whom I’ve only ever heard speak in the most sissified voice, drops character and butches up, saying in a manly voice “Hey.. I’m no faggot!”


My apologies, sissy..

Sorry, I misunderstood. Clearly, I misread all those orgasms over toy cocks. I misinterpreted all the times you said how much you love your toy cock. I was mislead by how you said you love having a pussy to fuck.

And now that the apology is out of the way… shut the fuck up and swallow his cock like I told you.