Sissy Dicks & Tranny Tricks

Sissy dicks, Hello!

Sissy DicksMy darlings,  I’m going to take a moment and break with my own tradition  here and address not you, my beloved pets, but rather, to those poor unwitting bastards that my feminized fuckers have seduced with their sissy dicks.  Why, they’re practically faggotizing poor, unsuspecting straight men without them even realizing it.  I tell you, it’s a downright disgrace and a threat to heterosexuals everywhere.  No wonder so many people were worried that gay marriage was a threat to marriage everywhere.  It seems you actually CAN turn straight men gay,  Or at least, gay-ish.

Come on you kinky fuck, you can tell us.

Ok, He-man, so you think you may just have been tapping a tranny?   You can tell Mistress.  Do you worry you’ve been nutting on nuts? Sucked by a sissy?  Pounding a prick?  Dicking a dude?  Do you have the growing suspicion your sassy toy is actually a sissy boi?  Do you suspect large clits of being sissy dicks?

Is it possible it’s not even your girlfriend you’re worried about.  Maybe she isn’t the one you think is secretly a dude who looks like a lady.  Is that it, Petal?  Do you think it might be you?  Are you feeling a little.. swishy.. on the inside?

In the face of so much potential delicious deviation and tranny transgressions, what’s a poor straight (homophobic) man to do?  How is a red blooded, all American he-man to know a trap when he spots one? (or maybe even is one.)

Fear no more, my poor, beleaguered, Trap-magnet.  Your homo-erotic nightmares are finally at an end, I promise you.  All the secrets to telling if your wifey has a willy will be revealed in the following video…  You’ll be able to go forth and fuck freely, knowing exactly what she is, what you are and who’s been floating your boat.

Oh, and You’re welcome.


For the rest of you.. my darling pets in petticoats, go ahead and give me a call.  We can giggle at the homophobes and have some sissification phone sex fun.