Your Sissy Ride Is Here

Hit the sissy streets, bitch!

A pink limo in LondonI couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw this utter Sissy machine in London.  It really doesn’t get any more effeminate than a Barbie doll pink limousine now, does it? 

Now tell me, what the fuck kind of cock worshiping, demasculinized bitch would get into a flaming pink ride like this one, huh?  Can anyone tell me?  Beuler.. Beuler.. oh.. shit, that’s right!  It’s you.  You would hop right into that little queen machine, wouldn’t you,  ya little faggot.

 I know some of you slutty motherfuckers can’t help but cream your ruffled panties over this shit. but do try to remember, it’s still a limousine, so some decorum might be in order.  Oh, I know you want to hang out the sunroof and hoot at all the hotties like a drunk chick on prom night, about to get your fucking ass cherry popped in the back seat, but really now.. we’ve all of age now, and your moment has basked to bask in the tiara wearing, sissy glory of being the little dancing queen of central high.

Of course, slut that you are, it’s too late to pop your cherry in this pink dream on wheels, but you can still celebrate the little sissy

whore that you are.  I’m sure we can manage to get you a cock or two in the back seat with you.. and it can be left to you to give the driver ‘just the tip.’

Who’s gonna be first to leap at the chance to be a swhore in the back seat of the Sissy Limo?