Tough Calls on Girls with Balls

Bouncing Girls with Balls

Girls with Balls  As many of you know , I’m involved in a few sissy communities.  One of them is the Google+ community called Sissies where I’m the owner and, usually, the only moderator.  I’m pleased and proud of that little project.  It’s grown to about 5,000 members and it’s always active.   That’s a lot of balls in the air, and a lot of girls with balls.

Being an active community, people post pictures every day and for the most part, it’s a smooth ride.  They seem to know Google’s community standards, or have at least had a good guess that there’s no nudity or sexually explicit content allowed.  A lot of sissies and subby gurls are just there to show off photos of their latest sissy outfit, and the rest of us are happy to see them.

Sissy principles being what they are, though, the clothes can sometimes be a little bit slutty, and most everyone wants to show off their panties…  You slutty, slutty sissies, you.  That’s fine, though.  In the last few years, I’ve been allowing it and Google hasn’t shut me down.

But I’ve recently had a conundrum on my hands.  Sometimes, girls with balls are also girls with man-boobs.

I’ve recently had people posting images of themselves in sheer bras, or with their shirts open.  So this now begs the question when do man-boobs become just plain boobs, and how big do boobs have to be before they’re subject to censorship?

My first instinct is to recognize that this is clearly a man’s chest and so I should let it stay, right?   Because Google doesn’t have a problem with men’s chests, even if they’re as big as most women’s out there.

But then I recalled a gorgeous transwoman named  Courtney Demone.  If you haven’t heard of her, you should give her a  Google, a Bing,  a Yahoo, or whatever you give when you want to have an online look-see.

About the time Courtney began her hormone replacement therapy, she started a campaign to challenge gender specific censorship by posting images of herself topless with the hashtag #DoIHaveBoobsNow to see when social media sites would begin flagging her images as being unsuitable.  It turned out her pictures were fine, until they realized she identifies as female, at which point the same images that had been up and unchallenged for months, were suddenly subject to censorship.

Why is this my (and perhaps your) problem?

The way this impacts me, is that in my capacity as moderator of a social media community, it’s my responsibility to not only decide what I deem to be too adult, but also try to predict what others might find objectionable.

Personally, I’m a #FreeTheNipple kinda gal.. there’s probably no surprise there.  With enough age verification and warnings posted before adult content is visible, I’d love it if consenting adults could share their freaky fun with the world.  But I don’t get to make up those rules.

To be honest, I think Google probably wouldn’t challenge me on it if I allowed a moob in a sheer bra to show up in the community.

But here’s the rub, Google has decided that they don’t want visible girl nips.  That’s Google’s right to decide and I agreed to live by those rules and enforce them in my community.

So, even if the nipples showing in my community were born male, shouldn’t I be treating them as female if they’re presenting as female?

I realize that most of my sissies are straight men in girl clothes.  They’re no more female than a dog is a human for the time it’s wearing a sweater.  (And yes, it’s very unoriginal to compare men to dogs, but the comparison works.)

Not all of my sissies are men though.  Some are trans-women, some are gender fluid, and at the very least, if they identify as male, during the act of cross-dressing, they’re expressing their feminine tendencies.

So, after all that explaining, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to respect and honor my sissies is to discriminate against their femininity.

If you want to be treated like a girl, for however long.. I’ll treat you like a girl, and block your nip-slip from the community.

Welcome to the club, ladies and lady-ishes.