Open Letter to a Wannabe Sissy Idiot

Sissy Idiot Attention Seeking

Sissy Idiot LetterAs the world is full of idiots, my world is home to the sissy idiot.

As you can imagine, I get my fair share of fan mail.  It’s always nice to hear from admirers and most are mature and respectful.  I have a great time chatting with people who share my interests and anyone who follows my Twitter or my Tumblr (NSFW… AT ALL) can see how often I chat with sissies. (Go ahead, message me for yourself and see.)

That said, there are a certain number of people determined to be a sissy idiot.  These people lack any sense of personal accountability.  Even to the extent that they won’t own what turns them on.

I get that sex is an awkward subject for many people and it can be embarassing.  I understand that religious morality sometimes conflicts with personal sexuality.

What I don’t get is people who try to pretend they’re not sissies, even while they’re surfing the sissy sites.  Why contact a sissification mistress only to feign disinterest in it?

Doing things like this makes you a sissy idiot.

When you take so many steps to explore sissification, it’s hard to pretend you don’t want it. We can all see through that lie like a pair of sheer stockings.

And making a big deal about how you don’t want to be seduced into it, when nobody has tried to seduce you?  Well, that’s just being an attention whore.

When people message me and say “I’m not into this, but tell me how you’d do it,” my answer is always “telling you how I’d do it is what I charge for.”   You may as well say “I’m not interested in buying the book, but tell me the story.”

Sissy Idiot Disappointment

I have to be honest.  If you’re into the whole “truck me/force me” roleplay, I’ll disappoint you.  I don’t care to tempt any person into anything.  If you want what I’m selling, I’m happy to offer it. If you don’t, I respect that.  I don’t care to push my brand of kink on anyone.  Just like I don’t want anyone pushing their kind of strange on me.  I’m sorry, but I just don’t care any more than I care if you like tea while I like coffee.  We don’t all have to drink from the same damned cup.

Most importantly, I don’t care.

I have thousands of customers.  If I just let them know I have new sissy mp3s out, they will buy. Why would I spend time trying to convince one person to buy anything?

Look, there are plenty of people who are into the whole “seduce and destroy” kink.  I’m not one of them.  No shade to those who like it.  It’s just not my thing.

If that’s what you’re looking for, I wish you the best of luck in finding it.  I don’t think you’ll have much trouble. There are plenty of very talented Mistresses on Niteflirt.

Go get ’em.

Hypno-fetish mp3s for Your Sissifying Needs

Hypno-fetish mp3s by Shayna

hypno-fetish mp3sMistress Shayna Domina has sissified and faggotized thousands with her Feminizing Hypno-fetish mp3s.  She’s put together a list of some of her most popular titles to get you started.  Mp3s are $10 to $20 and run usually run about twenty minutes.

Start your descent into blissful mind-fuckery with these Feminizing Hypno-fetish mp3s.

For more titles, including some videos and Sissy Assignments, check out the Goodies tab on her Niteflirt Profile Page.


Custom Feminizing Hypno-fetish mp3s

For custom MP3s, I charge $4.99 per minute. Half of the estimated final cost is due as a deposit to begin work and the rest is paid at time of delivery.

Recordings usually last twenty minutes, give or take a couple of minutes and are delivered to your Niteflirt inbox within two business days of the deposit having been paid.

So, as an example, an average recording may be estimated at 20 minutes, for $4.99 per minute at a total cost of $99.80. A deposit of $49.90 would be due to begin work. Within two days, you would receive your mp3 in a pay-to-view mail for the remaining cost, which would be anywhere from $39.92 to $59.88, depending on the actual run time of the final product.

Sometimes a customer asks for sound effects, or more than one track with voices on it. These requests cost extra and are subject to approval prior to the work being accepted.

Sometimes, a customer may want a custom mp3 made, but doesn’t need it to be personalized with a name. In these cases, I may offer to record the mp3 for general release to my audience. In this case, the cost of the mp3 would be my customary $20.00 for new releases and would be released sometime during the following weekend.

Contact Shayna to order your custom mp3

Effective Hypno-Fetish

How have I never explained Erotic Hypnosis before?Erotic Hypnosis

I just had a message from a lovely crossdresser who asked “What is Erotic Hypnosis?” [1] It surprised me to realize that I’d never before addressed this very basic question on my website.  I mean certainly, I’ve occasionally heard the question posed before.  Usually from some unsuspecting party when they learned I’m a professional Domme and asked for details. But for the most part, I tend to attract people who already know about Erotic Hypnosis.  Hell, of my tens of thousands of contacts, most found me because they were already searching for Erotic Hypnosis or feminization to begin with.

I realize I’ve been a little insulated in the kink community.  Increasingly, Erotic Hypnosis is becoming a go-to tool in a Mistress’ bag of tricks. These days, Erotic Hypnosis is almost as much a part of the sissifying game as the strap-on and panties. But all through the kinkster community, Erotic Hypnosis is being put to good use. It’s grown noticeably in both demand and supply over the past ten years.  For those who haven’t tried it, I highly recommend doing so. It can be a safe, sane way to ease into all forms of BDSM. And despite how hypnosis is portrayed in movies and TV, it’s always consensual. No one can be hypnotized without their consent.  No one can be made to do anything which goes against their moral compass. [2]

So again.. what the hell is Erotic Hypnosis?

Ok, so Erotic Hypnosis is when a hypnotist guides a subject into a trance which has an erotic element to it. The hypnotist in question may be a Dominant or not. The hypnotist could be the subject himself (self-hypnosis) or could be another person. It could be done face to face, by phone or voice-chat, through a prerecorded video or audio recording, or it could even be done just by having written text that the subject reads and follows as they relax.

Erotic Hypnosis may be used to guide a subject into a deeply relaxed, dream-like state where fantasies seem more intense.  In a trance, improbable or impossible fantasies become easier to accept and respond to. In this way, I’m able to guide them through a vicarious experience they could never have in real life.  In fantasy, they can become becoming a bubble-headed bimbo for a day, put on this planet only to take cock. In a trance, drinking cum can give them breasts.  Nothing is too unlikely.

Erotic Hypnosis could be used to intensify a reaction to erotic imagery.  It can also encourage an erotic response where there would have been little or none before. For instance, in Sissification Hypnosis, I often encourage my submissives to react with arousal to sissifying ideas or situations.  Things like wearing panties or putting on make-up will make them hard or harder than before.

Now, we come to another common question…

Does Erotic Hypnosis really work?

My answer is “it depends on you.”

I’ll explain. I’ve already stressed that hypnosis can’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do. That’s absolutely true. But for people who actually want to do what a hypnosis session prompts them to do, then absolutely. It can help reinforce their commitment, help them visualize success, and keep their mind on their goals.

I’ve made a good living making many, many Erotic Hypnosis mp3s. You can see for yourself by my reviews, that there are people who have come back to buy every one of my MP3s. All 200+ worth.  While I will flatter myself that it’s because I’m good at what I do, I’ll also be honest enough to say that it’s because this is what they want for themselves.

Everything about hypnosis, erotic or otherwise, is dependent upon the subject being hypnotized. No one can put you into a trance without your willingness to be tranced, no one can make you do anything, and frankly, the post-hypnotic effects of a single session generally last all of a few minutes. But as with anything, the more you do it, the more it will stick with you.

Getting the most from your hypno-fetish session


It’s a common enough concern for many people to think they can’t be tranced or they won’t get the most out of their hypno-fetish session.  Rest assured, there are things you can do before and during your hypno-fetish session to make it easier on yourself and to get the biggest bang for your buck when calling or visiting with a hypnotrix,  ( And just as a little FYI, These tips also work for mainstream hypnosis session as well.)


1) During your hypno-fetish session, try not to worry about whether you can be tranced or not.  Everyone does it on a regular basis. When we drive a familiar route and suddenly find we’ve arrived at our destination with little memory of actually drive, that was a light trance.  When we watch a movie or read a book and become so absorbed we don’t realize a person is speaking to us, that is a light trance. 

Everyone is capable of relaxing and slipping in to a trance.. Allowing yourself to be guided into a deep trance, however, is a different story.  That part is entirely up to the individual.  It requires a sense of comfort and safety.  Which brings me to ..

2) Feel free to acquaint yourself with the person who will bring you into a hypno-fetish trance.  (That’s one reason we have websites.)  Get a sense of their ethics and their expertise, but most of all, take comfort in knowing the effects of a hypno-fetish session, or any hypnosis are never going to override your sense of personal safety or morality.  During your hypno-fetish session, you may be more susceptible to suggestion, but that suggestibility will only last during the trance and for a few minutes after the session at most.  You can expect to remain predominantly aware of your surroundings, but as you would feel if you were deeply entrenched in a good movie, it would be a muted awareness.

This is not to say, however, that hypnosis is incapable of effecting change.  As with any behavioral change, repetition and reinforcement of your goals will help you achieve them.

3) Shake off excess energy before your hypno-fetish session.  Pace, focus on your breathing, and then when you sit or lie down before the hypno-fetish session, squeeze your muscles and release them to help them relax.

4) Make yourself comfortable.  From the temperature in the room to the clothes you’re wearing, to the place you choose to sit or lie, make sure you’re as comfortable as you can be.  Eat and drink before your hypno-fetish session, but don’t stuff yourself.  Use the bathroom. Relax with your legs uncrossed and arms at your sides or folded across your stomach.

5) Don’t sweat the small stuff.  During any hypno-fetish session, there will be distractions.. your thoughts will wander, you’ll get an itch, you’ll realize you’re not as comfortable as you thought, or you’ll need to shift.  Don’t worry about it.  Just scratch, shift, yawn, and when you realize you’ve become distracted.. let it go.  It’s all ok and the idea is to relax and worrying about whether you’re relaxing right is dumb.  🙂


Hypno-fetish MP3s to get you started

Now, with all this in mind, I have a few mp3’s and even a video for you which may help.  Listen and practice allowing yourself to drift into a light trance.  The more you practice, the easier it can be for you.  Some days will work better than others, but as with anything, practice makes.. well, if not perfect, at least better.


Hypnotic Femminization: a 16 minute introductory hypno-fetish session for just $10



A Two Part Hypno-fetish Treat:  The first recording instills a trance word trigger.  It is open ended, allowing you to move on to the second, femminizing hypnosis mp3, or any other you may choose. $20



Virtual Reality 2 Part Hypno-fetish mp3s with all new trance word:  A new tranceword, and this time, with a cock-sucking session using visualization. $20



Hypno-Indoctrination Video: Subliminal images and sounds in this mind-fuckery hypno-fetish session $30


And finally, a 5 part 100 minutes MP3s, Total Slave Make-Over Series:  A discounted package of a previously released hypno-fetish series entitled Blank Slate, Utter Devotion, Service is Bliss, Beauty is Pain, and Complete Obedience.  $50


Sensual Femdom Hypnosis By Shayna

Sissification Hypnosis by Mistress Shayna Domina

Sissification Hypnosis Mistress Shayna Domina

Mistress Shayna Domina is a sensual Domme who specializes  in feminization and sissification hypnosis.

At an early age, Shayna understood the power of her sexuality.   She uses this gift against big, strong, alpha-males, bringing them to their knees.   She takes particular pleasure in turning them into her good little sissies.

“While you’re down there, darling,” she orders with a honeyed voice. “Bend over and prepare to be boarded.” Despite her polite tone, the underlying threat of her displeasure compels them.  Well, that and erotic promise of her strap-on.

With how she likes to turn men into sissies, it’s only natural hypnosis became a tool of her trade.  “It’s as much a part of sissification as the lipstick, dildos, and chastity devices,” she says.  Judging by the reviews she gets from her happy sissies, they agree.

Her sweet nature adds a perverted touch to her kinky games.  and the two compliment each other well.  Between them, she’ll have you flushed with excitement as you explore the depths of your submission.

In time, her hobbies became her profession.  Now, Mistress can be found on, selling Sissification Hypnosis mp3s and taking calls.

Mistress Shayna enjoys dancing, candlelit strap-on sessions, and collecting balls… and of course, mind fucking sissification hypnosis.

You should try giving her a call.  What have you got to lose, except your balls?  You weren’t using them anyway, now were you?

… Nah.  Didn’t think so.

Need More Info to Get Started?

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