Cock B Gone: Cumming With Your Cunt Feminizing Hypno-fetish mp3

Who needs to be a man, anyway?

You’ve heard it countless times about the superior pleasure of the female orgasm and envied women their intense, long lasting, and recurring orgasms. It’s all a part of why it’s so much better to be us than you.. and now, thanks to your beloved Mistress Shayna, you too can experience the powerful pleasure of the female orgasm.. all you have to surrender is your manhood.. and that’s not so very much to ask now is it?


Then when you’re done with that, and done with your cock..

Be a good girl, and leave feedback when you’re done with those rolling orgasms.



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Chug and Tug: A Forced-bi hypno-fetish MP3


Because you can’t getr enough of that good ol forced-bi hypno-fetish:

Everyone has their own little routine for relaxing on the weekend.. and of course by now, I know what yours is.  I thought this time I’d combine two of my favorite weekend celebrations into one.. drinking games, and watching grown men go all faggy for Mistress.  Of course, I’m not much for seeing people get sloppy drunk and stupid, so I suppose we’ll stick with something non-alcoholic for out drinkin game.  Hmmmm.. now what should I have you swallow down?  … click, pay, and tug, to find out, little cum guzzler.  At just ten dollars for twelve minutes, you’ll be able to come back for seconds… or cum *in* seconds.. I forget which.


Condense the Pleasure, Condense the Cock:Small Penis Humiliation Hypnosis mp3

Mistress is going to take such good care of you today, Poppet.  

You just sit back and relax and I’m going to make you feel better than you’ve ever felt before.  it’s gonna be pure, uncut,crystalline arousal and you’ve never felt anything like it before.  Of course, there’s always a trade off, and this time, the price will be the size of that nubbin you call a dick.. but what’s a little sacrifice like that in the face of so much pleasure?  hmm?  Go on, Poppet.  Make the trade.





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