What a Gurl Wants: Forced-bi Hypno-fetish mp3


Yet another Forced-bi hypno-fetish MP3 and it’s all about Mistress.

It’s not fair is it, pet?  the way it’s always about me and my wants, me and my needs?  The greedy, self-indulgent hypno-fetish  Domme who always gets her way.  What’s more, I somehow manage to get you to pay me for the privilege of listening to how I’m going to make you do filthy, dirty, depraved things all fore my personal amusement and profit.

It really is very good to be me.

Still, as a show or appreciation for my pets and my position, I’ve decided to make this week’s erotic hypno-fetish MP3 all about you for a change.. about your wants and your desires.  This week’s sensual, scintillating hypno-fetish MP3 is all about fulfilling your wishes for a change.

The beautiful part about it is that what you want most of all, is to give me what I want most of all.  What you want and need and wish for is for me to tell you what to do, who do do, and how to suck him.  What you want is to serve me as my little hypno-fetish cock slut.

I love how that works.  Did I mention it’s very good to be me?

Get 19 minutes of cock slurping surrender for just $20.  Go on.. you know you want it. hypno-fetish


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