Dream Wedding: Feminizing hypnosis mp3

It’s time for another deliciously feminizing hypnosis mp3

feminizing hypnosis mp3 dream weddingI know how badly
you wish to be a proper sissy and a real
girl.  That’s why
I’ve worked so hard to
bring you all those feminine experiences in my feminizing hypnosis
mp3s, from
school-girl crushes, slumber parties and developing breasts, to
learning a sissified
trade like being a maid or a secretary, or even just going out for a
at the
. You’ve gotten to experience them all through my little
you pet?  You’ve
even gotten to losing your
virginity to me… and then to a man..  and
then to a few men.

Your dream wedding, through the lens of a feminizing hypnosis

But one experience has escaped you so
far in all these feminizing hypnosis mp3s,  And it’s a big
one in a sissy-boy’s
life.  It’s her
wedding day.  What
could be more enticing to your sissy
soul than that most feminine and exquisite of dresses, the wedding
gown?  You and I both know that in your sissified heart of
hearts, your dream wedding would feature you as the bride.

Well here’s your chance, Petal..
Just close your eyes, take a deep, relaxing breath, and join
me.  Come
walk down the aisle to you sissy destiny and say “I do” to the wedding
night in today’s feminizing hypnosis mp3.

Just $20 for 23 minutes of panty
twisting, clitty throbbing romance in this exquisite feminizing hypnosis mp3.

since that will never be enough for you, here are more feminizing
hyopnosis mp3s to
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