A New Tranny Lover’s MP3 and Sale on Old Favorites

All Your Tranny Wet Dreams Come True!  All New MP3 and a Sale on Old Girly-Dick Favorites!

Today’s new MP3 is made esspecially for my tranny loving little cocksuckers.  It’s a quick little, five minute mp3 with some mouth watering chick-dick pictures for you.

Five minutes, five dollars, and all the tugs you can manage before you splooge all over yourself.

Tranny Lust

Then Enjoy Even More Tranny Fantasies

When you’re done jizzing all over that little treat, wipe off the computer screen and enjoy some more hot tranny action with my previous MP3s, on sale now with little cock gobblers like you in mind.

Stealth Cock:  A Shemale Experience MP3

strealth cockJust when you thought it was safe to go back into manhood.. along comes Stealth Cock!  Face it faggot, a hot tranny is the closest you’re ever going to get to fucking a real woman.  Good thing for you, huh?  What with you being a jizz-junky and all.

$10.00 and 15 minutes will indulge your addiction

Go on.. click.. pay.. cum. Ya cock-whore.

Your Girfriend’s Cock: Feminizing Hypnosis MP3

girlfriend's cockIn today’s feminizing hypnosis mp3, I take you into your dreams and introduce you to your dream girl.. the one with the features that appeal most to you.. specifically designed for you, created for you to your own specifications, even the specifications you might not have realized you wanted.  In today’s feminizing hypnosis mp3, I introduce you to your dream girl.. and her dreamy cock.

Just $10 for 19 minutes, and I’m sure you two will get along fabulously.

Sissy Maid Tad Team MP3

sissy maid

I probably should not have let it get so far as it did…
but you know how it goes.  One thing leads to another and the next thing you know, the sissy-maid is being gang-banged by two straight guys who thought she was a bio-woman.

Ce la vie… that’s French-maid talk for “that’s how the tranny blows.”

$10 for 16 minutes.  Come and get it faggot.


Tranny Army Hypno-fetish MP3

tranny armyHas the Femdom power finally gone to Mistress Shayna’s head?  Perhaps, perhaps not, but it’s time to start walking on eggshells either way, cause she’s  been busy creating a vast army of sissies, faggots, and hypno-slaves. And guess who’s just become a new recruit?

That’s right my Poppet.  You’ve just received your draft card into the Shayniac Tranny Army.  What? You’re not a tranny?  No worries, pet, that’s what boot camp is for.

Pack up your dildo, sissy-boi.. you’re in the army now.  Training is $10 for 18 minutes and it’s gonna be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Theater Fag: An Erotic Hypno-fetish MP3

My latest hypno-fetish mp3 is dedicated to the arts..

 ..ok, so it’s dedicated to the theater fags.. well, sorta.. ok, so really, it’s dedicated to the guys who suck random strangers’ cocks in porn theaters.  That’s an art, right?

When I was in school, the kids in the drama club were unkindly called “theater fags.”  As I was so well reminded last week,  by a clever little cocksucker and hypno-fetish enthusiast, the name can be applied much more aptly to little sissy fuck toys like you who go to “theaters” and end up as part of the show.

Today’s Hypno-fetish release

Today’s hypno-fetish MP3 takes you on a dreamy little journey into the porn theater of your filthiest imagination and turns you into the theater fag you’ve always known you were on the inside.

It’s 25 minutes of dreamy dick hypno-fetish sucking, and it’s all yours for just twenty dollars.

Enjoy it, faggot.


For more hypno-fetish entertainment, you can catch me taking calls most nights during the week, after midnight, Pacific time. you’re welcome to come join my google community.  I think you’ll find it easily enough, funny enough, it’s called “Hypno-fetish.”

Longer Erotic Hypnosis MP3s?

Needing More Erotic Hypnosis

podcastflowersI recently had a little subby contact me about recording longer feminizing, erotic hypnosis mp3s than my usual twenty or so minutes recordings.  This clever perv wants to take an hour long erotic hypnosis mp3 to a massage parlor and have the *ahem* masseuse play them while he gets a massage, accomplishing the task of both deepening his relaxation experience while also serving to give him a fat dose of humiliation when it becomes obvious to the … *ahem* masseuse.. what a little sissy faggot he really is on the inside.

Now.. the conundrum.. as many of you know, I do custom hypno-fetish and erotic hypnosis MP3s for some people.. if someone wants an mp3 that is personalized, or otherwise too specific to appeal to my usual, wider audience, then for the right price ($4.99 per minute of play time) I’ll make them their own little MP3. If, however, I think it’s an idea I can use, I’ll just release the mp3 to my list of customers for the usual $20 flat rate.

Because of the price, most people who would like a custom erotic hypnosis MP3 agree to wait until I can incorporate the idea into my next general release mp3 and they buy it for the usual price.  this customer was hoping for the same thing.  But.. I think a 45 minute to 1 hour mp3 wouldn’t have a wide enough appeal for me to be able to sell enough to make it worth my while.

What do you think?  Want an hour long erotic hypnosis mp3?

Because of the extended length, I’d charge $45 for a 45 minute mp3 or $60 for an hour long mp3.. so I put it to you, my readers.. would you buy an extended MP3 for this price or is the usual 20 or so minutes for $20 good for you?

Let me know in the comments, or message me on NiteFlirt.  If I get enough positive responses to indicate it would be worth my while, I’ll go ahead and make one.

In the mean time, for those of you who want it and want it now..

One alternative you may wish to consider is to combine two MP3s.. in my Two Part Hypno-Fetish treat I’ve included a trance word deepening MP3 and a Femminizing MP3.  Together they cost $20 and run 39 minutes.  That trance word deepener can be paired with any of my other erotic hypnosis MP3s to give you a deeper, more intense experience.


Similar to that is my Virtual Reality 2 Part Hypno-fetish MP3s Including a Fresh, New Trance word Induction.

That one is also a $20 package and has a 14 minute induction and a seventeen minute virtual cock sucking session.  Again, the induction can be paired with any of my other erotic hypnosis MP3s to bring you deeper into hypno-fetish bliss.