Swinging Sissy: New Sissification Hypnosis mp3

It’s no surprise your sissy sexuality swings like a hammock with my latest sissification hypnosis mp3.

Sissy SwingLet’s face it, part of the goal with a sissification hypnonis mp3 is to drift lazily and comfortably into a relaxing state of mind where Mistress can access your deepest desires without the filter of your uptight, conservative, conscious mind.  What could be more relaxing than to drift lazily in a swing, swaying easily forward and back.. just like your questionable sexuality.  Of course, Mistress’ principles being what they are, soon enough your open mind becomes not only my playground to release your inner desires, but to create a few tawdry and addictive new desires to keep you coming back for more.. forever addicted, forever under my control, forever listening to my sissification hypnosis  mp3s

Oh what a swinging sissy you’ll be, drifting easily from a lazy hammock to a bondage sex-swing..  the transition will be as easy as going back.. and forth… back.. and forth.. back.. and forth…

Because you’re a loyal follower, this sissification hypnosis MP3 is discounted to just $15 for this 22 minute sissy submission fantasy mp3.

 sissification hypnosis


More sissification hypnosis by phone this coming week.

In the upcoming week, you can look for me during the days.  My appointments change from day to day, but right now, it’s going to be the days for me.. before 3pm pacific.   As some of you are aware, next month is my birthday and this year, the celebrations will go throughout most of the month.. oh who am I kidding, that’s every year.  But this year, I’ll be going on a little trip for a couple of weeks and you won’t be able to catch me during the second half of the month.  Fortunately for you, I’m sure to come back with all kinds of tawdry stories about sissies. sissification hypnosis, and kinky sex.  I’ll keep you posted. For those of you not following my twitter feed, that’s where you can find little 140 character glimpses into the life of your Mistress and her lovers.  My member name there is ShanyaDomina.  Be warned, while sissification hypnosis is what I tend to focus on here, in my real life, there’s less of the hyponosis and more of the ass-fucking and tag-teaming of sissies with my lover.  I like sissification hypnosis online and by phone because it can create a feeling of control and submission.. it can fuck with a sissy’s mind and make her my fuck toy.. but in face to face encounters, while I do incorporate sissification hypnosis at times, the focus of my energy tends to be more.. mmm.. hands on.  If you’re reading strictly for the sissification hypnosis, you might be a bit unsatisfied.  Still.. I think the ass fucking and sissy training will be enough to keep your interest, don’t you?

I thought so.

Alright.. back to your sissification hypnosis, you addict. sissification hypnosis

I’ll talk to you soon.