Hypno-Fetish mp3: Wet Dream Catching

Hypno-fetish Mistress Shayna returns with a brand new MP3 for you

Well let’s see.. So far in my delicious and delightful hypno-fetish mps I’ve given you your wildest dreams to experience in sensations so vivid, they seemed real.   And each and every one of those dreams have been as wet as the tides, haven’t they my pet?

hypno-fetish dream catcherThat’s right.  And now you can take a moment to say ‘”thank you Mistress.”

Continuing this tradition of creating cum churning head trips for you to enjoy, I’ve come up with yet another dose of intense mind fuckery.. and face fuckery.. and ass fuckery..

For today’s spin on the hypno-fetish theme, instead of getting to have the wet dream, you get to BE THE WET DREAM.  You’ll get to be the perfect receptacle for all those tawdry fantasies of other men.  Big, hard, horny, other men.  You’ll get to be the wet dream catcher.  (Yes.. that means you get to swallow the cum, you addict.)  Today, I’m going to turn you into the focus of their spunk spewing wet dreams in this 24 minute hypno-fetish mp3 that will turn you into the target of the dreamiest and creamiest of wet dreams.   And it’ll only cost you 20$ and of course, you’re masculinity.  But you weren’t using that anyway now, were you, my pet?

Once again.. you can take a moment to say “Thank You Mistress.”

You’re welcome.

More Hypno-fetish form Mistress Shayna

it’s been a busy few weeks for my pets, and I expect to be particularly tied up from the twelfth on until.. well.. not sure, but a good few days at the very least. I”m afraid I won’t have a schedule to give you.  But, as always, you can check my site for the little button that says “call now” or “sent a mail.”  Those will always tell you if I’m taking calls at the moment or not.

I don’t say this often, and I’m not likely to repeat it, but I’m always impressed and touched to see how patient and dedicated so many of you devoted hypno-fetish lovers are.  I appreciate it and I appreciate your enthusiasm for the things I enjoy doing.