Hypnotic Mistress Shayna Presents a New Forced-Bi Hypnofetish MP3

Hypnotic Mistress Shayna is Always Thinking of Her Hypnofetish Fanatics.

Your hypnotic Mistress Shayna comes through for you once more, Poppets, with a new mp3 designed to give you your new hypnofetish fix.  In fact, speaking of fixes, it was the faggot-fix therapy which has recently been in the news that inspired this week’s hypnofetish and forced-bi  fantasy MP3.  Oh, you know the therapy I’m talking about, don’t you? Not the kind some hypnofetish peddlers talk about.. I mean the gay conversion therapy, usually offered by churches, which was recently banned in California for being more harmful than beneficial.

Now, your dear, darling, hypnotic Mistress Shayna has strong opinions about such practices, of course.  For one thing, as a forced-bi enthusiast and hypnotic Mistress with a penchant for turning bois into gurls, I love my little sissy sluts and would hate for anyone to cause you grief by confusing you into thinking you might not be drawn to cock like a magnet to an iron dildo. For another, fucking with your mind is a job for a hypnotic Mistress such as myself, and I don’t take kindly to people trying to break my toys.

Frankly, as the American Psychiatric Association has long ago determined that being gay isn’t a mental illness, I think any “therapist”  trying to treat it should have their license or certification revoked as quickly as any other medical professional would if they treated an ailment which they knew didn’t exist.  (At this point in time, they have issued no statement on the beneficial effects of having an erotic, hypnotic Mistress gently coaxing and forcefully fucking you out of the hypnofetish closet and into glorious cum guzzling freedom, but I expect to have their seal of approval any day now.  As soon as they do the right thing and give me their seal of approval, I’ll let you know.  Or just put the phrase Hypnotic Mistress or hypnofetish on alert in your yahoo news or other aggregator and you can be one of the first to know )

In the bright side, some of these “therapies” (yeah, no.. I can’t use the word without a sneer and air quotes,) employed by these fuckwits are techniques any hypnotic mistress would highly approve of.  For instance, in group therapy, they would get all the little gay bois naked and have them cuddle.  Now I don’t know about you, but where I come from, that’s called a daisy chain.  They would also have them role play locker room scenes where they would be teased and tormented as “fags” and “homos.” Because clearly, if gay men had only been teased by the jocks in school, they never would have gone all limp wristed like they are.

Hypnotic Mistress Shayna loves daisy chains

Did you hear the sneer in my voice there, my darling hypnofetish lovers?  Still, I’ve got to say, if I were trying to turn a man gay, that’s exactly how I’d go about it.

Oh wait.. that’s not what they’re trying to do… heh heh heh.. but it’s *exactly* the kind of thing I enjoy doing, and you enjoy paying me for…  and of course, I’m not pretending to help people do anything but get off.  I’m a hypnotic Mistress, not a “therapist.”

Your Hypnotic Mistress Shayna’s own spin on gay conversion in this weeks hypnofetish mp3

But all that is a bit off the subject, and you’re not here to have your beloved hypnotic Mistress rant about the unethical behavior of a small group of people.  You’re here to surrender your mind and your free will.. and of course.. your last shred of dignity and masculine pride.  You’re here for the hypnofetish mind fuckery and the forced cock sucking tendencies.  You’re here to be a good little sissy slut for your hypnotic Mistress Shayna.

hypnofetish mp3 for saleThat’s alright pet.. your hypnotic Mstress Shayna hasn’t forgotten the reason you come here, and for your patience, you will have access to my latest recording focusing on forced faggotry redemption.  As a bonus, you’ll get it at a 25% discount for being one of my devoted followers.  That brings the price down to a mere $15.  It’s chock full of youe hypnotic Mistress Shayna giving cock sucking encouragement, and for a bit of irony, I’ve titled it Gay Conversion Therapy: a Forced-bi  Hypno-fetish mp3.    Personally, I think it’s quite apropos.. after all, the phrase “gay conversion” would seem to imply the subject was converting to being gay, not the other way around.

Fortunately, the state of California has only banned the conversion therapy used against homosexuals.. It doesn’t say anything about a wicked minded and perverted hypnotic Mistress taking that kernel of bi-curiosity and cultivating it into a full blown dick addiction.

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Enjoy, pets.. and Happy Chanukah to all my Jewish pets.. except for the self-hating Jew bitch.. no latkes and gelt for you, mother fucker.

To everyone else, scratches and kisses from your favorite hypnotic Mistress.