New Erotic Hypnosis MP3: Surprise Butt Sex

erotic hypnosis A New  Erotic Hypnosis MP3 from Mistress Shayna

Everyone likes the pleasant little surprises in life.. and even the not so little surprises.  Like a hot erotic hypnosis session, a rockin threesome with two hot, fucking women.  Or like surprise butt sex.  Oh hey.. and how much better would it be if the surprise butt sex where thrown in with the two hot, fucking women for an anal-licious good time?

In this week’s erotic hypnosis mp3, I use visualization to put you into that most erotic of male fantasies, the two girl threesome.  Of course, being the ass pounding bitch I am, I’ve got to put my own little spin on it, don’t I?

After all, This is an erotic hypnosis MP3 from Mistress Shayna we’re talking about.. so you know odds are good that one of the ass getting pounded is gonna be yours.


erotic hypnosis


And of course, Erotic Hypnosis isn’t just for MP3s

This coming week I’ll be available Monday through Thursday from 8am to 3pm pacific time when I’ll be taking  live, erotic hypnosis calls through my Mind Fuckery by Shayna niteflirt listing. You can call or make an appointment by clocking the button.  Call Button


Every once in a while, you’ll be able to catch me on during unscheduled hours.  The best way to find out if I’m on and ready to give you an intensely erotic hypnosis session t is to keep an eye on the button.  For those of you on Twitter, you can follow me and while I’m posting my wit and wisdom about erotic hypnosis  BDSM relationships, and life in general, all  in one hundred forty characters or less.  Once in a while I might just post an announcement that I’m logging in for a while.. or hanging around on my yahoo messenger and interested in chatting for a while about erotic hypnosis and sissification.

Good luck in catching my generous moments.

Hypno-fetish MP3: How to Please Your Woman in Bed, Limp-dick!

hypno-fetishMistress Shayna understands you, Pet.

It’s not easy being a man, especially for a man like you.  There’s so much pressure to perform and so many ways you can fail.  It’s no wonder some men (again, like you) will spend half their lives incapable of performing sexually and all your lives incapable of bringing a woman pleasure.

Offering A Hypno-Fetish Solution

Never fear pet, once again, Mistress Shayna has a hypno-fetish solution and is here to help with this week’s new hypno-fetish mp3 designed to ease your mind and give you the confidence you need in the bedroom and the ability to make your wife or girlfriend as happy as she can be with the multiple orgasms she’ll receive.. as another man fucks her.

What? That doesn’t sound like you’re doing anything to contribute to her orgasms?  Never fear, Pet.. You will.  Oh, you will.  Of course, it will mean you have to get him hard and give him some cock licking encouragement to fuck her the way she likes it.. but you’ll be there in the bedroom, at least.  And that counts, right?

All you have to do is click the little button below to purchase my latest hypno-fetish mp3 and all your limp-dick problems will be solved for a mere $20.  Now isn’t that a lovely idea?


Or call for one-on-one hypno-fetish training

Sometimes it takes a little more training for recurring problems.. like an addiction to hypno-fetish sessions, for instance.  And for those men who need a little something extra, I will be available this coming weel from Monday through Thursday, from 8am to 3pm, Pacific time.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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