Femminizing Hypno-fetish mp3: To The Highest Bidder


Hypno-Fetish Vs Hypno-therapy

I think we’ve established by now that my motivation in making these hypno-fetish Mps each week has nothing to do with a benevolent desire to help raise your self-esteem, make more money, or enhance your life. Admittedly, I usually entice you into powerfully addictive orgasm, but let’s face it, I don’t care if it feels good for you any more than the crack dealer cares if you get a rush. We just want you to be good and addicted, so you keep coming back for more and more mind fucking and femminization.

However with that said, today’s recording is actually something of an esteem builder. Through this deeply relaxing and erotic hypno-fetish mp3, I’ll take you along a naughty adventure in creative visualization where you’ll get to experience your full potential as a desirable, seductive, money-making whore for Mistress.

Hypno-fetish Slave Auction

It’s time for you to show Mistress how well you can do on the auction block. The higher your price, the more pleased Mistress will be and the more pleasurable it is for you, until the bidding.. and your stroking, reach a fevered pitch.

What are you waiting for? Time to make the purchase and find out what you’re made of.. and how much it’s worth.


And of course, there’s always more hypno-fetish fun to be had, all personalized and one-on-one like from Mistress Shayna when you call her Hypno-fetish Phone Sex listings on NiteFlirt.