Erotic Hypnosis MP3: Past, Present and Future Faggot

Erotic Hypnosis to discover your past, understand your present, and create your future faggorty.

erotic hypnosis

In today’s erotic hypnosis mp3, we’re going to take a trip down memory lane to find out just how, when, and where you became such a cock loving faggot. We’re going to delve deep into your twisted, sissified psyche and find that little seedling of sexuality. We’re going to cultivate it and watch it grow into the blooming faggot you are today, and the sissy whore you’re going to be tomorrow.

 erotic hypnosis


Regression and erotic hypnosis

I’m going to take that kernel of concentrated faggotry and nourish it so that is grows big and strong, becoming more than just an aspect of your sexuality, but your entire being. There will be no escaping your destiny and no questioning your reason for being put on this planet. Through Mistress Shayna’s erotic hypnosis mp3, you’ll put an end to the struggling and insecurity over your flagging masculinity and find the kind of peace and contentment only possible when you know and fulfill your destiny. And of course, your destiny is to be my little cock sucking, faggot whore.

What are you waiting for? An invitation? How about an order… buy the erotic hypnosis mop3, faggot.


erotic hypnosis

New 2 You Hypno-fetish: A Re-release and sale on MP3s You May Not Have Heard

Did you miss the Service Is Bliss: Erotic Hypnosis MP3 last month? 

You weren’t alone.  Due to either a glitch, or human error (I admit nothing,) the links to last month’s release of the third in the five part, Total Slave Make-over Series were misdirected and no one was able to buy the Service Is Bliss: Erotic Hypnosis mp3.

For those of you who need just this one, last, ellusive MP3 to complete the collection, here’s your button.. I promise it works this time.

Never let it be said I leave my pets lacking.  I am now making up for the teaseof keeping you waiting, and then some.



Hypno-Fetish Total Slave Make-over Series: 5 Parts, 100 Minutes, 50% Off

If you’re missing more than two of the series, I’ve got a treat for you.

This week I’ve put together a premium promotion on a popular hypno-fetish series, the Total Slave Make-Over five part series is now packaged together for half the original publishing price.  MP3s in the series are titled Blank Slate, Utter Devotion, Service is Bliss, Beauty is Pain and Complete Obedience.  Isn’t it time you became the total slave you’ve always wanted to be?


Visualizing Your Faggotry: Erotic Hypnosis mp3

The Power Of Erotic Hypnosis To Make You Think.. To See.. To Feel… and to Suck

Erotic Hypnosis Vizualisation


We all know that erotic hypnosis visualization can help you achieve your goals and prepare you for the life you truly want to lead. Well, for a little Femdom variation on the theme, today’s erotic hypnosis MP3 helps you visualize the life I want for you. A life of faggotry and slavery. And let’s face it.. if I want it.. you want it.

So come and get it, faggot.


erotic hypnosis


Erotic Hypnosis on NiteFlirt

I’ve been noticeably absent, even during my high rate hours these past two weeks and, summer principles being what they are,  it will be a bit before my schedule is regular again.  However, if you wish to schedule an appointment for an erotic hypnosis session, we can work something out.  You may contact me on niteflirt to check my availability, and, if I am free, the call will be $1.99 per minute, plus a ten dollar reservation fee to put a hold on my time for the call.  Appointments are not set and the reservation fee is not due until my availability is confirmed. anyone not responding with payment of the reservation fee withing 24 hours of confirmation being sent will lose their appointment and will have to re-check for availability.