Blank Slate: Hypno-fetish mp3

hypno-fetishTotal Hypno-fetish Slave Reconstruction: First of a Five Part Make-over

Today I’m releasing the first of a five part total slave hypnotic-reconstruction to make you into the deeply submissive and perfectly serene slave you’ve always wanted to be.

Today’s hypno-fetish recoding is titled Blank Slate.  As the name implies, it will scrub clean your psyche and your soul to create a fresh canvas for Mistress Shayna to create the new you on.  You’ll discover how liberating and pleasurable it can be to be cleanses and reborn, ready to offer Mistress a brand, spanking new you.  Well.. not so much spanking.  That will come later, in step four “Beauty is Pain.”



 A five part hypno-fetish slave  reconstruction.

While each mp3 will work as a stand-alone product to achieve their individual goals, they work best as a complete set.

The five steps to a totally reconstructed, perfectly pleasing and pleasurable new you will be released each week in a seductive and addictive new hypno-fetish recording.  Look for them on the weekends.

The titles of the hypno-fetish mp3s will be:

1)      Blank Slate

2)      Utter Devotion

3)      Service is Bliss

4)      Beauty is Pain

5)      Complete Obedience

By the time I’m done with you, there will be nothing left of “you” left.  But really now, is that such a bad thing?

As a special treat for my Shayniac readers, I have a new podcast out for you with a few more details about today’s mp3.




Purged: A Goddess Worshiping Hypno-fetish MP3


Hypno-fetish and Goddess Worship.. what a beautiful mind-fuck.

Submission is redemption and it’s time to purge that filthy sin from your nasty little cock with today’s mind fucking , goddess worshipping, new hypno-fetish MP3.

So get on your knees, you know the position.  No, not that one, faggot.. the one where you put your hands together to pray, and put your money in the collection plate.. it’s time to worship at the altar of your hypno-fetish Goddess, Shayna.



For more personalize hypno-fetish fun..

Mistress Shayna is available for one on one calls most weekday mornings and days, beginning around Midnight… midnight in what timezone?  That’s to be determined nightly.

You can reach her but clicking the pretty little “call now” button on the sidebar or visit her hypno-fetish listings page at NiteFlirt Phone Sex.


Driven: A Hypno-fetish mp3

When was your last trance, you little hypno-fetish freak?

For most people, it happens all the time without them even realizing it.. you can be performing ordinary, everyday tasks and before you know it, you’ve slipped into a light trance.  It’s so calm, so relaxing, with your conscious mind just taking a little break.  For you though, it takes on an added element.  For the hypno-fetish enthusiast, it’s not just slipping into a trance, it’s leaving your sub-conscious open and available to my manipulations.  It’s almost as if you’re  compelled to leave yourself vulnerable.  It’s almost like you’re driven to submit…

And you are.  

It’s a hypno-fetish dream come true.

Think of it.. what fan of mind control and hypno-fetish could ask for more than to have their thoughts simply drfit from them at any possible moment?  Think of the utter surrender, knowing your mind is never really your own.

It would be sheer bliss.

And now is as good a time as ever.. you can call my hypno-fetish phone sex line and see for yourself.