In to the Deep: Hypno-fetish mp3

Get ready for a relaxing nex hypno-fetish mp3.

Today’s Femdom Hypno-fetish release focuses on the bliss and beauty of simply submitting.

Drift deeply and serenely into your subconscious mind to fine that erotic, exhilarating, addicting state of pure submission.

You’ll find yourself enveloped in the gentle, calming waters of your most deeply seated desires to surrender fully to the comforting embrace of my control.  Say good bye to that tedious sense of free will as my soft, seductive voice coils around your mind and pulls you into hypno-fetish bliss and hypno-fetish slavery.

Drift in to the deep.. lose yourself in hypno-fetish submission.

Assnotized: an Ass Worshipping new Hypno-fetish mp3

Hypno-fetish and ass worship in the very same MP3.. bless your submissive soul, it’s rear-Valhalla.

The way it looks, the way it feels, the way is sways, and the way it captures your attention, refusing to let go.  You’re hypnotized..  You’re assnotized.. you’re taken in and brought under in this ass worshiping hypno-fetish MP3

Are you ready for this kind of mind fucking, ass adoring hypno-fetish?

Prepare yourself for the most intense derriere devotion you’ve experienced to date as you slip into an easy trance and deep, erotic, hypno-fetish bliss.


You’ll never get out with your mind in tact, but then, being the littlem hypno-fetish fiend you are, yuo don’t want to, now do you?

Coin Operated Whore: Hypno-fetish MP3 for Hypno-doll Fantasy Lovers

At last, a new hypno-fetish mp3 from Mistress Shayna


Well my pets, it’s been a while since I’ve brought you any new Femdom, Hypno-fetish fun to listen to, but after a lovely vacation and a not so lovely bout of Bronchitis, I have a new recording for you.

It’s called Coin Operated Whore amd it’s my latests Hypno-fetish MP3 for Hypno-doll Fantasy Lovers

Of course, you can buy it here.


Hypno-fetish Inspiration Is Everywhere

This week, I was focused on the hypno-doll theme once again.  I was inspired by the human statues I saw this month, all sprayed silver and standing stock-still and lifeless, until someone put a tip in their jaw and they sprang to life.  The seed was planted and I couldn’t help but imagine with my wicked little mind, all the possibilities for a hypno-doll to be used as a coin operated whore.

My goodness, I could practically box the sluts up and gift wrap them!

For hypno-fetish freebie treats..

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What you can do however, is sit back, relax, and enjoy the recording.


Your Favorite Femdom Hypno-fetish Mistress is Back


Oh the horror, it’s been over a month without any femdom, hypno-fetish mp3s!

I know, I know, you poor little Femdom Hypno-fetish freaks have been neglected and deprived.  I promise I’ve had good reasons for my absence and I’ll tell you all about it in today’s femdom podcast.  There are some special treats for you in the podcast, including a tip to go read The Capture and Control of Professor D over at my sissy site,  The direct link to the story in all it’s Femdom goodness (minus the usual hypno-fetish) can be found here, you little sissy.

And of course, here’s the podcast..

Best of all, there’s a new Femdom Hypno-fetish MP3 coming out soon.

I already have the next on recorded.  I think you’ll like it.  It’s another hypno-doll type recording, turning you into a mindless, helpless, usable little hypno-fetish fuck toy we both know you want to be.

The new recording will be out and ready for purchase either tomorrow night or Friday morning… you know, just in time for you to spend your weekly paycheck on me.  Isn’t it nice how I worked it out that way?

I’m still not back to taking hypno-fetish phone sex calls on Niteflirt just yet, I’m afraid.  Again, all is explained in this weekds femdom podcast, but hopefully I’ll be back soon..  Until then, enjoy your podcast and I’ll talk to you soon.

Of course, since my podcasts are usually in response to listener mail, you can always message me on niteflirt me with any of your femdom, hypno-fetish, or Mistress Shayna questions or comments.