Ass Fucking Hypnotic Pain Relief: Hypno-fetish MP3.

You won’t even feel a little prick, but you’ll enjoy that big, monster cock in today’s forced-bi hypno-fetish mp3.

We’ve all heard the stories about dentists and midwives incorporating hypnosis, if not hypno-fetish, into their pain relief arsenal.  Well, if it’s good for mouths and pussies, I think it’s right up your ally, don’t you?  Your back alley, that is.  Personally, I think a trip to the dentist would be far more appealing if more of them worked no only hypnosis, but erotic hypnosis into the experience.

I should talk to my dentist about is.  He might finally be able to make as much as I do per hour.

Now you come along, and don’t be worried about a thing.  The only little prick you’ll feel is that pathetic little thing between your legs.  Hurry now, pet.  Scoop up my latest little venture into hypno-fetish bliss and enjoy the ride.


Of course, there’s always more mind fucking,  hypno-fetish fun where that came from.

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