Washing Away Your Masculinity: Hypnotic Feminization mp3

hypnotic feminizationMy poor sissies and hypnotic feminization freaks..

I neglected you last week, didn’t I?  Well rest easy, pet.  Mistress is back in action with a new hypnotic feminization MP3 to wash away your dreams of masculinity and immerse you in the luxurious, relaxing pool of feminine slutdom. You were very good girly-bois, waiting patiently while Mistress played with the other slaves, and today, you shall have your clitty-making hypnotic feminizationreward. All you have to do is click.

hypnotic feminization

And when you’re done with that, you can always check out my previous hypnotic feminization mp3s.

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hypnotic feminization

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Cock FreeFemdom MP3 s On Sale Now

femdom mp3Cock Free Femdom MP3 s

It recently came to my attention that it would be difficult for anyone not into forced-bi and femminization to find any of my femdom MP3s that weren’t all about turning you little loverboys into my little sissy whores.

Admittedly, its a hobby of mine.  And most of my few hundred MP3s reflect my favorite interst.  But for those of you who might want to go on a cock diet for a short time, I’ve put together a collection  of MP3s and put them on sale for you for half the usual selling price.

Enjoy the cock-free Femdom MP3 collection.

  • Primal Urges Hypno-fetish MP3 femdom mp3
  • Homewrecker Femdom MP3 femdom mp3
  • Smal Penis Femdom MP3femdom mp3
  • Listen to an In-Person Session Femdom MP3femdom mp3
  • Cum Control Game MP3femdom mp3
  • Cock Mocking MP3femdom mp3
  • Tick Tock, Shrink Your Cock Hypno-fetish MP3femdom mp3
  • Two Domme Humiliation MP3femdom mp3
  • Making Your Wife My Slave mp3femdom mp3
  • Replaced By A Toy: Cuckold Mistress MP3femdom mp3
  • 1st Time Small Penis Humiliation mp3femdom mp3
  • The Ledger: A Fin-Dom Hypno-fetish MP3femdom mp3
  • Controlled Urges MP3femdom mp3
  • Sacrifice Your Wife MP3 and Picturesfemdom mp3
  • Small Penis Humiliation MP3 and Picfemdom mp3
  • The Spanking Contest Story MP3femdom mp3
  • Wife Enslavement MP3femdom mp3