New Femdom Resolutions: I hypno-fetish mp3

a hypno-fetish femdom resolution

A new, femdom yearand a new hypno-fetish MP3

Well my little femdom, hypno-fetish  fanatics, it’s a fresh new year for you and time to make a real push for all those new year’s resolutions you’ve failed at every year previous. It’s alright, pets.  Mistress can help.  Of course I can. Whatever is a hypnotic Mistress for?

In today’s MP3, I’ve decided to make a change and use my femdom hypno-fetish powers for good for once.  I’ve decided to help you with that terrible addiction to femdom porn you’ve been wrestling with.  That’s right, Poppet, I’m going to help you to spend less time and less money on all that worthless wanking that only leaves you unfulfilled and craving more, shortly after you’ve cum.

I’m going to inspire and train you, Poppet, to have bigger, harder, more intense orgasms that will leave you satisfied and able to concentrate on the tasks you have to accomplish.  Now won’t that be nice?  All you have to do is buy my handy-dandy little hypno-fetish mp3 and sit back to relax, and allow the soothing, comfortable, arousing sound of my voice to carry you away and into the most satisfying hypno-fetish orgasm of your life.

It will transform you and set you free… honest.

After you’ve found your femdom hypno-fetish freedom.

Once you’re done with that, if you feel the need to talk about your thoughts or experiences, you can always call my lovely little hypno-fetish phone sex line over at and I’ll be happy to listen to what an extraordinary loser you were, wanking away every day and going broke on porn as you developed carpal tunnel syndrome.. until you found me and my blazing hot, erotic hypno-fetish mo3, that is, to put all those compulsive, cock stroking behaviors behind you.

You’re welcome, my hypno-fetishPoppet.

The First Femdom Podcast of 2012

femdomIt’s been a fabulous Femdom new year, so far.

Two weeks in and I’ve hardly done a lick of work.  And yet, the money keeps on coming in.  It’s good to be the Femdom Queen.

Not just the money, but the fan mail, fan fiction, and in one case, an amusing bit of photoshop fun when a dear pet caption some filthy., dirty, cock-sucking images dedicated to yours truly.

I’d post the images here, but as I have no license to publish them, I’ll do the next best thing and post the links to these little snippets of femdom debauchery.

First he sent me glorious images of what he called “fat, throbbing, German cocks” being sucked, and I’m sure you could just hear his little faggot mouth drooling over them as he said it.  You can find it at

The second was a quick little flash fiction set against an image of a little truck stop jizz junkie who loves to be pimped out by Mistress Shayna.  You can find that one at

Now wasn’t that a good use of my little pet’s time?

Now, for that new Femdom Podcast.

This week, I’ve also put together a new femdom podcast for you.  Remember, if you’re not on my mailing list here at the website, you won’t be notified when new podcasts come out.  Niteflirt members are the first to hear about my latest releases of MP3s and other pay to view offerings, but it’s the little Shayniacs who sign up right here who get to hear when my podcasts come out.

This will mark the first podcast of the year, and talks a bit about the upcoming MP3 as well as another response to a femdom fan letter.


Enjoy it, my little femdom pets.