Black Friday Deal: Forced-Bi Femdom MP3 and Pictures

femdomWere you hoping for a Black Friday deal out of your Femdom Mistress?

Ah, silly sbitches.  I tell you what.. here’s the deal I’m offering, if you manage to keep from getting a faggoty little pudgy from today’s forced-bi, femdom recording and pictures, well then, I won’t use your cocksucking impulses against you to turn you into my little slave.  If you do.. well then, kiss your heterosexuality goodbye.

Oh.. and no cumming without permission, my little femdom fanatic.  If you do, there will be a loser’s tax to pay.


Go ahead, you know you want it.. click the button and slip further into your femdom  faggotry.


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Femdom Podcasts

femdomI’ve been busy as a little Femdom bee lately, between my usual pay-to-view/listen offerings.

Lucky for you faithful followers though, I’ve also taken to making podcasts for my listeners.  Frankly, it was easier than addressing some of your questions by email.. and since so many of you ask the same questions, I thought I’d knock out a few birds with one stone.  You’re up for that, aren’t you my pets?

In order of appearance, my first podcast is just an introduction and explanation of what you can expect.  The second is a bit of me answering some of the more common questions I get from listeners.  Number three is for my sissies who want to know more about how I got into it being a sissy Mistress and if I *really* enjoy it and if I’d date a sissy.  (A hint: At the moment I’m dating a man who is a switch and sometimes plays the sissy-whore for me.)

Finally, we have my most recent femdom recording, where I respond to a listener’s questions about religious domination.  I have to say, I quite liked that conversation and look forward to it’s continuance.

On with the femdom fun:

Mistress Shayna’s First Femdom Podcast


Mistress Shayna Addresses Listeners’ Questions

Mistress Shayna Talks About How She Became a Sissy Mistress

Mistress Shayna Answers Questions About Religious Domination

Write to me, or better yet, call for some personalized femdom phone sex.

Out is so out, in is in: A Fabulously Femminizing Hypno-fetish mp3.

Out is so out, in is in: A Fabulously Femminizing Hypno-fetish mp3.

Well my darlings, I’m back and back in action, as you can see, and it doesn’t get any more feminized than to have a pussy, now does it, my little hypno-fetish freak? 

This week’s mo3 is going to make you understand just how good it feels to be a finger-banged little bitch, being fucked by her Mistress.  

Oh, but you poor little, sissy.  You have an outtie, not an innie.  Now that’s not very conducive to  getting a nice, hot, finger fucking, now does it?  Ah well, Never you mind, my little hypno-fetish poppet.  Mistress is here to make use of what you have.. to reduce, reuse, and recycle that little cock of yours.  Now, it’s going to be worrying at first, after all, change can be frightening.  Trust me, I’m going to play Doctor.


 As delicious as my hypno-fetish MP3s are, this week, you get more.

When you’ve had me warp your mind with my hypno-fetish fabulousness, and you’re ready for me to challenge your body, you can check out my new Sissy Assignment, inspired by today’s hypno-fetish fun.

And as always, if you really, really need me to trance you in like, a one on one kind of setting, it can be arranged.  Feel free to call me at my hypno-fetish phone sex listing on niteflirt.