Sacrifice Your Wife: Femdom MP3 and pictures

Your Femdom Mistress Shayna wants something special from you today, pet.

I want you to give me something you’ve never given me before.. a rare commodity you don’t see much of.  I want you to make an actual sacrifice to me, today.

… this time, you’re going to sacrifice your girlfriend to me.  Your sweet, vanilla girl, to be my little femdom pet slut.

Finally, a chance to show the little slut what an addicted little femdom slave you’ve become.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you get out of any of the fem-dom fun.  You didn’t think you were going to get out of being all sissified and used, did you? Tsk, tsk, Poppet.  Now, just who did you suppose is going to teach her how to be a good little whore?  Who do you suppose is going to show her how I want to use her? Hmmm?

That’s right my little femdom fuck-toy.. it’s you.  And won’t she be surprised to see you like that?

Go ahead, my little femdom slut, click , wank, and be merry.  I’ve even included a handful of slut -topping images to help you visualize your girlfriend’s betrayal and, most importantly, her use.  Of course, you could never get a girl as hot as the tight little blond I have pictured.. but you know.. just imagine you were that much of a man.  Try hard.

When you’re all done, and all cleaned up, and need to talk about it, you can give me a call at my niteflirt listing for femdom phone sex, and I’ll tell you all about your own, personal relationship destruction.



New Hypno-fetish mp3: Bound To Be Cuckold

hypno-fetish cuckold man tied to chair

Hello my little sissies, cuckold boys and hypno-fetish mind-slaves.

After a short break to have a tantrum over a shredded rotator cuff, I’m back and better than ever (how is that even possible?) with a brand new hypno-fetish mp3 for you, this time taking you through a virtual cuckold session as I ride my lover’s fat cock.

What patient pets you’ve been, my cuckold loving little hypno-fetish toys.

I know it’s been difficult with me being out of commission these past few weeks and many of you have been missing your regular dose of Femdom fun.  But let the cuckolding commence and the hypno-fetish be indulged once more cause I’m back in .. well,  partial action.

This week’s mp3 was inspired by a little cuckold sycophant who caught me while I was just logging in to check my email. For those of you without Yahoo email, the webpage for their email has a little messenger widget in it, so he was able to see me pop online and we chatted for a bit.

Well, while I was directing little mister sissy love to send me tributes and leave me feedback, my lover was sexing me up and getting me all hot and bothered.  I told the messenger-cuckold all about how good it felt to be fucked by a real man while he was trying to get my attention and her got all a-twitter at the idea of me taking my lover’s thick cock.

He got a little excited, even without the hypno-fetish element added into it, and waxed rhapsodic about how he would like to get my lover’s cock ready for me with his drooling, cuckold mouth.  Of course, being the real man my lover is.. he doesn’t care to have a little faggot pawing at his man-meat, even if he *is* all dolled up like a sissified version of Madonna.  And so my lover asked me to convey the message that he needed to shut the fuck up before we tied him to the chair so he could watch how a real man works.

And what do you know?  Mistress had a lightning strike of an idea.   As I took him in me, deep and hard, I was thinking of you, my dear little hypno-fetish freaks, and how much I’d love to play in your minds to make good little cuckolds out of you.  The result, of course, is my latest cuckolding hypno-fetish mp3, Bound to be Cuckolded.

It’s time to site back, relax, and let Mistress take care of everything a little cock worshipping cuckold like you needs.  Enjoy my new hypno-fetish cuckold MP3, Bound to be Cuckold.

If you’re in desperate need of a personalized hypno-fetish session to release your inner cuckold, you can call me through my hypno-fetish phone sex listing.

An Ass Fucking Femdom Appendix

It’s another few days before your next dose of Femdom deliciousness, pets.

..and let’s face it, it’ll likely hypno-fetish, I’ve been in that kinda mood. In the meantime, you little femdom, feminization, faggotization freaks, I have put together a little ass fucking appendix of all my analicious femdom MP3s for all you unfulfilled assholes to tide you over.

Oh, I know it’s not the same as getting to speak to me personally, but it’s the best you’re going to get for now.  So count you’re lucky fucking stars and don’t be such a needy bitch, huh?

femdom Ass Fucking Femdom MP3s

The Sexretary Forced Feminization Femdom mp3
Dildo Bouquet Ass Fucking Femdom mp3
Gas, Grass, or Ass Forced Faggotry mp3
Stealth Cock Forced Faggotry mp3
Damned Faggots Forced Faggotry mp3
Filthy Cum Dump Forced Faggotry mp3
Fuckmeat Femdom mp3
Forced-Bi Assignment
Cum Dump Fantasy

Soon enough, I’ll be back to train your ass myself, and we’ll be back in femdom action once more.

The Whispering Cathedral: Hypno-fetish

Whispers and hypno-fetish.. two of my favorite things.

A whisper can be so intimate, can’t it?  So conspiratorial.  And today, you and I will conspire to relieve your favorite girl of her cares and freedom.  You will become more than just my slave, Pet.  You will become my missionary and my minion in today’s new hypno-fetish mp3 I’m calling The Whispering Cathedral.  It’s a little bit hypno-fetish and a little bit religious domination.  It’s a touch of mind fuckery and feminization, and as usual, a whole lot of ass fucking.. but mostly.. more than anything.. it’s fucking exquisite.

I have to admit.. I really enjoyed this weeks recording a bit more than usual and I think you can hear it.  I’ve long liked whispering in hypnosis mp3s and videos, and I’ve seen the potential for creating a deeper sense of intimacy in a hypno-fetish mp3, but by the time I was done, I thought it was more intimate than I’d imagined it would be when I started.

I’m really pleased with it.  I’m sure you will be to.

And when you’re ready to take that next step toward hypno-fetish bliss. go ahead and give me a ring on my hypno-fetish phone sex line.

I’ll talk to you soon, pets.  And don’t forget.. it’s always good to be me.  The only thing better than being me, is serving me.

What a lucky, lucky Hypno-fetish pet you are.