Double Date: A Romantic Forced-bi Hypno-fetish MP3

It’s that moment you’ve dreamed of, pet.  It’s that moment you never imagined would really come to pass.  It’s your first date with your cockteasing, sissy making, hypnotizing dream, Mistress Shayna.  What could be more special?

Well.. if a single date could be that special, imagine how delightful a double date would be?

Break out the roses, Petal.. the night is going to be thorny in this erotic hypno-fetish dream date.


Oh wait.. I know what could be better than a double date.. calling Mistress Shayna on her Hypno-fetish phone sex listing.

Gas, Grass, or Ass: A Sissy Road Trip MP3

I’ll tell you a secret.. I love big rigs.  I love big, butch, manly truckers.. you know, the kind of man you’re not.  I’ve always wanted to go on a road trip, just hitching rides from truck stop to truck stop.  But of course,  we all know the rules, ‘gas, grass, or ass, nobody rides for free.’  Of course, that’s not going to work for a Dominant Diva who doesn’t smoke, really doesn’t care to pay for anything, and god knows I’m not spreading *my* legs for some unwashed stranger with a big rig.  That’s what I have you for, my little sissy-whole.  Now grab your hooker-gear and click the button.. time for you to hear how it’s gonna go on this forced-bi, Femdom, road-trip of a lifetime.

Of course, the faggot fun doesn’t have to stop there. Call Mistress for more Forced-Bi Phone Sex.

Stealth Cock: A SheMale Experience MP3

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into manhood.. along comes Stealth Cock!  Face it sissy-faggot, a hot tranny is the closest you’re ever going to get to fucking a real woman.  Good thing for you, huh?  What with you being a jizz-junky and all.

Go on.. click.. pay.. cum. Ya cock-whore.


 Of course, when you’re done enjoying that cock, there’s always more forced-bi phone sex, Femdom fun to be had by calling Mistress Shayna.

The Sissy Maid: A Hypno-fetish MP3

The most erotic thrill you’ll ever know, the most intense pleasure you’ll ever feel, will always be connected to serving your Mistress.  You may think you’ve experienced the erotic pleasures of serving a femdom Goddess, but you haven’t yet tasted the intense arousal of being Mistress Shayna’s Sissy maid.  Welcome, pet.  You’ve just crossed over into the erogenous zone.


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Where’s Mistress

  Ok, so a few of you (ok, more than a few) have noticed my scarce availability and fewer posts lately and have come begging for more teasing, feminizing, hypnotizing attention in email, messenger, and even blog comment.

I will take an uncharacteristically humble moment to say I appreciate all my fans, clients, pets, and Poppets and am glad to see how much I’ve been missed while I’ve been hard to come by.

With that done,  I’ll slip right back in to Mistress mode to tell you “bitch, please.”  I’ve been here all along.  You’ve always been able to reach me for the best Femdom phone sex.  I’ve  just left my prices at a premium because I have a lot going on during the summer, and even if it’s just sunbathing, you’re not pulling me away from the rays unless you’re willing to pay me a mother lode for the privilege.

The summer will wrap up in the next month, and my days will be less in demand.  In the meantime, the most pressing of  my summer activities are now behind me and I’ll have more time ti at least get those MP3s published on the usual schedule.

Thank you all for your patience and your devotion. I have the best pets in the world.

Mistress Shayna

The Ledger: A Fin-dom, Hypno-Fetish MP3

What a lovely little bit of creative visualization we have for you day, Poppet.  It’s just a little bit of tingling hypno-fetish, incorporating two of my favorite hobbies, wallet raping and mind fucking.  Before you know it, you’ll be chanting a new mantra, “ I put the penny in the piggy and I feel my peepee plump,” as you stroke away to financial destruction and heavenly bliss.

Looks like you can buy your way into heaven after all.. of course, once you’re hooked, I’m going to put you through hell.

And as always, you can enjoy the sweetly sadistic attentions of Mistress Shayna personally by calling her Femdom Phone Sex line.

Panties-Pussy: Hypno-fetish MP3

Your masturbatory compulsions continue to plague you, don’t they Poppet.   It must be so awful, forever yearning for things out of reach.. your poor pussy obsessed cock, never seeking an attainable goal.

It’s alright, Poppet.  Mistress is here to help.  I will simply reassign the object of your affections to something more.. within your reach.

Prepare yourself, pet.. for the Panties-Pussy hypno-fetish mp3.

Of course, you could always call to speak with Shayna live for your Hypnosis Phone Sex.