Bimbo-fication: An Erotic New Hypno-fetish MP3


It looks so easy to be a bimbo, doesn’t it?  Never having a thought in their pretty little heads beyond boys and lipstick.  It must be so easy to be a brainless fuck toy like that.  I know you envy them their simple, slutty lives and their vacuous smiles.  That’s alright pet, you needn’t envy them.. Mistress is going to turn you into one of them.  Won’t that be nice, pet?  To be a pretty, slutty, empty-headed little fuck-toy?  It’s alright, your secret is safe with me.  Now.. just click that pretty little button and we’ll begin you bimbo-fication process.


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The Peter Meter: Resetting Your Orientation MP3

Tsk, tsk, tsk, Pet.  With all the work we’ve been doing in faggotizing you, you’re still having those urges, aren’t you?  You just can’t help yourself.  You see a hot woman with a sweet pussy and you want to pretend you’re a man and go fuck her.

Nevermind, Poppet.  Mistress will fix it for you.  My little peter meter here will work as a sexual lie-detecter, telling me exactly what sights, sounds, and smells your little lizard brain responds to.  From there, it’s just a matter of rewarding the desirable responses.. and of course, punishing the undesirable.

In no time, you’ll be a proper little sissy-faggot, and the only woman who will hold any power over you will be your Mistress Shayna.  Won’t that be liberating for you, Pet?

Of course it will.

Now.. you just undress and lie on the exam table.. try to relax.  You’ll feel a little prick.. that’s alright, masturbation is allowed.


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Controlled Urges: Hypno-fetish MP3


I know it isn’t easy, Pet, controlling the urges which consume you, enflame you, distract you from your life and your goals.  You’re simply out of control, aren’t you?  Never fear, Poppet.  Mistress will take control and make it all better.

My latest Hypno-fetish MP3 will

correct those desires which cry for attention during undesirable times.  Surrendering control to me will allow you to go about your day productively, happily, and without distractions from your libido, until you can explore those feelings at controlled times and under controlled situations, because Mistress loves control.  And you love to give it to her, don’t you Poppet?


Under Mistress’ caring control, you will experience the most exquisite and intense orgasms, made more enjoyable for the wait.

As I always say, Poppet, obedience is its own reward, and when Mistress takes your urges and your mind under her control, the reward will be great.



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Summer-Hot Halter Pics of Your Femdom Phone Sex Dream

Mmmm well into a bitch smothering summer and well into my favorite, cock-teasing time of year.  You’ve seen the bikinis.  This time, I’m breaking out my favorite little halter top to tease you with.    It’s just a perfect little slip of material for tormenting your pathetic little imagination.  And it’s just two little bows between you and the exposed bliss of your Femdom Goddess.

And of course, just ten bucks between you and those pictures, hmm?


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Hypno-Indoctrination Femdom Hypno-Fetish Video

This week, my Poppets, I bring you a new level of  Femdom mind-fuckery in my latest release, a Hypno-fetish Indoctrination video, chock full of subliminal images and sounds to turn you in to yet another of my mindless drones.

Go ahead try it.  What have you got to lose?  ..your money, your mind, you balls, nothing of importance.

Don’t you worry your pretty little head about it.  Anyway, free will is just for pussies who can’t please a Mistress.  (Ok, and those who can’t view a .WMV file.)


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Slumber Party for the Sissy Brigade!

The sissy slumber party is a long running tradition for me and my little carnival of debauchery.  It’s impressive the hoops some people will jump through to please a small group of Mistresses.  Disgusting, cum-covered, hoops. 

Today’s release of teasing, denying, sissy-making, femdom deliciousness is all about one of those sensational sissy-fests.  You’ll enjoy it so much, you’ll cream your little sissy-panties.



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Shayna’s Tranny Army Femdom MP3

Has the Femdom power finally gone to Mistress Shayna’s head?

Perhaps, perhaps not, but it’s time to start walking on eggshells either way, cause she’s been busy creating a vast army of sissies, faggots, and hypno-slaves. And guess who’s just become a new recruit?

That’s right myPoppet. You’ve just received your draft card into the Shayniac Tranny Army. What? You’re not a tranny? No worries, pet, that’s what boot camp is for.

Pack up your dildo, sissy-boi.. you’re in the army now and training is gonna be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.



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