Reprogrammed: Hypno-fetish MP3


I understand, poppet..

you’ve served other Mistresses and worshipped other deities before you found your one, true Goddess. Much as you’d like to offer your Goddess a clean soul, a clear mind, and a blank slate, you can’t erase the past…

But I can.

Have no worries, poppet, today we’ll free you from your past and rebirth you as a virginal offering for your Goddess, Mistress Shayna.Today’s Hypno-Fetish MP3 removes the previous attachments which have distracted you from your path and turns you in to the femdom thrall of Mistress Shayna where obedience is its own reward.. but so is the teasing, the cock-control, and the feminization.


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Rewritten: A Hypno-fetish MP3

You remember what it was like last time you made sweet, sweet love to a woman, don’t you?

No.. you don’t.You only think you do.

Today’s recording will clear up those little misconceptions you have and enlighten you to what a loser you really are. Say good-bye to that happy, teasing little notion you’ve had that you were ever a man, and give a warm welcome to your new Femdom history.


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Panty Addict Edging MP3 and Picture Packs

What a little panty sniffing loser you are. 

   Luckily for you, Mistress is fully prepared to exploit that little addiction of yours with a glorious little panty-addict edging MP3. 

For those of you sissies who are unfamiliar with edging, it’s the ultimate in cock-controlling, teasing, and denying  games.  This little Femdom gem brings you to the point of no return again and again until you couldn’t possibly hold back from dribbling all over yourself.

As special treat today, I put together a second Pay to View to go with it.  This second temptation includes three cock-teasing images of Mistress in her panties.  Come and get it, cum-dribblers and panty-soakers.   

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New Panty Slave mp3


Look at you, ya sissy..

Always so hungry for more femdom teasing, always so eager to get into my panties. One would think you actually stood a chance of fucking me the way you keep sniffing around.

Of course, there is *one* way you could get into my sweet, silky, little undies.It’ll be a tight squeeze, but I’ve no doubt you’ll manage it. And oh but how you’ll enjoy it when you do.

Prepare yourself for addiction, panty-boy.

Mistress is about to turn you into her panty-slave.


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Gender Bending Femdom Role Reversal Fantasy: Male Nurse

It just makes a greedy Mistress’ heart bleed to see so many men unemployed or underemployed, unable to properly tribute their femdom Goddess. But of course, Mistress Shayna thinks of everything and has created a job training program with your very particular talents in mind, Poppets.

Welcome to the Shayniacs Work Release Program. And oh yes, work will be your release.

Just as Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corp helped lead us out of the Great Depression, I will lead my nation of sissies, mind-slaves, and assorted losers out of their great repression. Individually, you are pathetic, little men; collectively, you will be a mindless force to be reckoned with.

Grab your dicks and grab your credit card.. today’s job training will leave you as weak kneed as you are weak willed.

Today’s course?

Male Nursing:Prostate Exams

……… don’t ya just love the forced-bi fantasies?  Heh, forget I asked.  I know you do, ya sissy,

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Femdom Phone Sex Fan Mail

This little gem came to me out of the blue. Notice how he seems to think I was speaking only to him in my mass email advertising my latest Femdom MP3s?

—— Original Message ——
From: **Name Deleted To Protect The Stupid
Subject: Re: Sexretary: Gender Bendeing Role Reversal Femdom MP3

Y.yes Goddess…

i am  such a weak whore..i swore i would stop coming here, but i keep looking in..i must try harder Goddess..but i am shaking as i read Your profile.

That’s a funny story.. tell me again the part where I give a shit?

Oh wait.. sorry, my mistake.. that’s another story about someone else.

Mistress Shayna


Makes you want more, doesn’t it? Come and get your Mistress Phone Sex,then.

Sexretary: Gender Bending Role Reversal Femdom MP3

Sissy Secretary  The economy is hurting.. or so I’ve heard.. and a lot of people are unemployed.. so the rumors say.. as for me, the Femdom business is booming and I need to take on a new secretary. Do you take dictation?

  You will.. you’ll take a lot of things from Mistress, won’t you?  Of course you will, Sissy. After all, what are little Sissy-sluts made for except to be put to use?

  Now be a good little office wife and get Mistress her coffee, sissy-slut.

Makes you want more, doesn’t it? Come and get your Mistress Phone Sex,then.

Femdom Fan Mail

Mistress has been meaning to reply to my dear Dirty boy to an email he sent me a few weeks ago. I’ve been so busy, I decided to share with you all and give him a little added humiliat… err.. attention.

He writes:


Some us learn that lesson the hard way.

Ever seen the disappointment on a chick’s face when you drop your pants and it aint hanging like the thought it was hanging?  Well of course you haven’t personally, but do you know of, heard about, or other wise 2nd hand experienced it?

Hurts like the Dickens, like, “that’s where your dick ends, pssht! C’mon let’s get this over with. Fuck!”

Seriously though, what’s even worse than out right humiliation is seeing the disappointed look on her face, and she tries to hide it.  Tries to play it off like she’s still as excited for it as when she was squeezing it through my pants.  I’ve got just enough to pull off the illusioin.  6 inches hard in jeans, she’s feeling it, looking at it, licking her lips, thinking “Oh yeah, it’s on.” Hot, ready, wondering what’s taking me so fucking long to get a move on toward the bedroom.  I’m stalling.  I know what, or at least sense what lies ahead.  I let her rub it through my pants a lil’ bit more.  I’m squeezing her breasts. We’re kissing.  Fuck it.  I’m horned up enough not to care any more.  We stumble playfully over each other on the way back to the bedroom.  More making out, clothes coming off, she’s got surgery scars from breast reduction, I’m licking them, she’s like “really?,” I’m like, “Hell yeah, all of you, I’m gonna make love to all of you, beauty and faults alike.”  Feeling smooth, like I just dropped the mack line of the century on her.  Dick comes out. Facial expression immediate change.  Fuck! I’m thinking I know what she’s thinking, but she’s not gonna let it show, not intentionally any way.  The enthusiasm, the energy, the heat, it immediately takes a dive.  I’m struggling just to stay hard now.  If she’s not hot for it, then how can I be.  I ain’t a rapist, I need the woman turned on too.  The wetter and hornier she gets, the more it excites me and she just aint into it that much any more.  She’s still willing to go through the motions though,  So we do.  I keep a stiffy miraculously, but it’s not IRON like it was earlier, the motherfucker aint throbbing and straining no more.  “Dammit, aint 6 inches enough?” I think to myself.  I’m not gonna acknowledge it out loud either.  It’s not a skinny 6 either, it’s kind of thick.  I’ve had girls really enjoy it before.  I’ve also had this kind of experience before too.  I realize I sit on the fence.  Never know what kind of reaction I’ll get.  6 can be enough, like just enough, or it can be too small for some.  But I’ve prepped her good.  I’ve eaten her out great. I’ve sucked her breasts, licked her nipples, and breast reduction scars from surgery and all.  I’ve held her tight damn near all day today. And yesterday too. It’s only our third date, I was feeling like the fucking man before I dropped my pants and she gave me the gas face.

OK, here’s Mistress Shayna’s Miracle Cure for your little dick problem.. and yes.. it’s little.  Not average, not just a little under, not straddling the fence.  How do I know?  Because I understand the kind of HO scale, one inch equals one mile, mapquesting mentality of men who look at their dicks and *always* see it as being bigger than it is… frankly, I’m amazed so many of you fuckers are carpenters, since not a one of you seems to be able to tell inches form centimeters when you’re measuring your dicks.

..but I digress.

My advice to you, my darling, Dirty, is to get the name of your girlfriend’s plastic surgeon.  Get him to give you the big titties she surrendered to the knife, and start dating lesbians.  No dyke is gonna be disappointed with that bloated clit you call a dick.

You’re welcome, Poppet.

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Doesn’t this all sound compelling? Not as compelling as Mistress Shayna’s Hypno-fetish phone sex.