Fully Faggotized Femdom MP3


Unless it’s in the way my man here fuck your face as if it were one.  Today’s MP3 is no force and no bi, just full on, full blown, out and out cock cucking faggotization for you to Enjoy.


You’ll do it because you love it, you’ll do it because his cock is huge, and you’ll do it because it’s who and what you are.

As a perk, it makes Mistress happy.. and we always want to keep Mistress happy now, don’t we pet?  Yeeeeesssss.


Come and get a little Preview.


And then come get FULLY FAGGOTIZED!

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Dirty Filthy Cum Dump Femdom MP3

Mistress was in a raunchy mood today and it came out looud and clear in this filthy fucking Femdom MP3.  The things I make you do in this fantasy would make a whore blush.

Are you blushing, whore?

No preview today.  I was too busy making myself cum to the thought of putting you though your cum-dump paces.

Go get it.

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Cuckolding Bitch, Super Hot Teasing Femdom MP3


Oh, not fucking you.. let’s not get carried away.  But I came so fucking hard while I made this MP3, I think you can even heard the sloppy wet sounds of a cunt warmed up by another man.




You only get to listen, like the worthless dicked loser you are.. maybe if you’re good, I’ll let you be my fluffer.

Ya want it?  Of course you do..Come and get it..

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A Creamy Cumfilled Femdom MP3

I’ve gotta say, I think tomorrow’s MP3 might be my HOTTEST ever.  I know I sure as hell got off on it, and you can hear it in my voice.

I’m releasing the preview early, because.. well, it gets me off to tease the fuck out of you. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Come and get your Crazy Hot Cuckolding Bitch mp3 Preview.



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Your New Breasts, Forced Fem MP3

Well would you look at that?
Look who’s blossoming into womanhood

with a brand, spanking, new pair of
man-boobs. Is it because you’ve

stopped working out?

Or could it be the
estrogen  pills I’ve been

slipping in to your food?
Either way, it’s the beginning of a whole

new era for you, Petal.
And all new adventures in slutting. I
think I’m going to like the new you.

Hear all about it in this sissy making, girlifying,

breast embracing,
femdom mp3

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NO PINK PANTIES! Humiliation and forced-bi MP3


What should I do with a littls sissy-fuck who just can’t

keeop his dick out of my pink panties, hmmm?

I know one thing, the answer won’t be one he likes.

Well, not at first anyway.  It’s amazing how a man can come

to embrace his own torment and humiliation.

Come, I’ll tell you all about it in this Forced-Bi

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Fuckmeat Forced-bi Femdom mp3


Hey Fuckmeat! Time for the Party Platter!

fuck meat

Sure, I said you were gonna get laid at the party.  Did you think
that meant you were gonna stick your dick in someone?

You need to grow a dick first.  In the mean time, while you wait
for some fairy to turn you into a real man, you can get fucked
alright.  In fact, you’re going to be fucked raw.

Come  and  get your Forced Bi MP3
and of course, you can always just take a little taste in the

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