Cheating Girlfriend Femdom MP3

Cheating on You


I have a confession to make.  I’ve been cheating.  Oooh,
but don’t worry, Baby.  It’s just sex, it doesn’t mean anything.
He could never replace you, with his hard body and his huge
cock..  He’s nothing like you.


Are you desperate to hear the details?  Go on, torture

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1st Time Small Penis Humiliation Teasing Femdom MP3

There’s a first time for everyone.. even me.

Small Penis Humiliation mp3

Oh, I don’t mean *that* kind of first time.  The first time I’m talking about this time is the time I first indulged in some good old fashioned small penis humiliation. And if you couldn’t follow all that, your brain must be as small as your dicklet.

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Small Penis Humiliation MP3

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Little Dicked, Biggest Loser Humiliating Femdom mp3

femdom humiliation

Can you measure up?  Of course not.

But for once in your life that little dicklet

of yours will come in handy.

Belly up to the measuring tape, motherfucker, and

show us what your not made of in my latest small

penis humiliation femdom MP3.

I’ll even give you a taste

Good?  Good.. now come get the real thing.

You need more mocking, don’t you?

Small Penis Humiliation MP3 and Pic

Erotic Humiliation mp3

Two Domme Humiliation MP3

Small Penis Humiliation MP3

Cock Mocking MP3

You need a Mistress like Shayna, but you can’t have her. Of course, you can beg for scraps of her attention and call her Femdom Phone Sex line.

Lick Your Femdom Addiction Hypno MP3

Lick Your Femdom Addiction

Femdom Addiction

I know how hard it is for you, Poppet. I understand how much you

struggle with your ever diminishing manhood I know how much you

need someone to take control and help you admit you have a

problem and embrace the cure.

I will be your redemption, pet.

a taste.

And then dive on in.

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