Schoolgirl Sissy: Teasing Femdom mp3

Time for you to put on that school girl uniform and learn your lesson.  Femdom School

The bell rings, the class begins, and your masculinity is left in
the hallway.  Come up to the desk, pull down those panties.
It’s time for a pop quiz.

Listen to a

Yes, my pet, you’re going to be schooled in the art of sucking it
up and amusing the fuck out of me.  Now.. get to class.

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Sissy Assignment

Sissy Assignment


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Making Your Wife My Slave: Cuckold Femdom MP3

Femdom Whipper SnapperOh Pet, I know you think it was all about you and your
little dicklet, but no.  No, no, no, it’s about me, you glorious
Femdom Goddess and what I want.  Today, what I want is for you to
present me with your wife as a submissive little gift.  Don’t
worry, little cuckold, I’ll tell you all about how to make it
happen.  You will carry out my orders and bring her to me, ripe
and ready for my teasing torment.

Of course, you may have a little taste of your wife’s subjugation
Femdom mp3 sample.

You like the idea of me dominating another woman, don’t you?

Hear the real thing with my In-person
Training Femdom mp3.

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Enslavement Femdom mp3

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New Humiliation Femdom MP3

Corsetted Femdom

Lingerie Shopping With Mistress.  What Could Go Wrong?

Oh, my pet, I have so many plans for us today.  A trip to the lingerie store, a little cock tease of a strip in the fitting room, and then, your utter subjugation and humiliation.  Doesn’t that sound festive?!

You’re more than welcome to come listen to a taste of your doom in the sample humiliation mp3.

Then come and get your dose of doom.

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My Big, Black Lover Is Taking Over! Cuckold Teasing MP3

It’s time you knew..I’m going black only…

your little white dick just doesn’t do it for me,ya know?

You’ll watch, little clit throbbing, not allowed to fuck.. At least you get to touch yourself as you admire what he can do with his superior cock.

Listen To A Clip

Femdom mp3

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Pygmalian: Femminizing Hypno-fetish mp3

I’ve been watching My Fair Lady and it occurred to me, I could be my own Pygmalian (the name of the greek myth of a man who made a sculpture of a woman so perfect, he fell in love with her.. the play My Fair Lady was based on was called Pygmalian… (Look it up, you illiterate fuck.) I’ll sculpt you into the perfect.. well.. something, in my latest feminizing hypno-fetish mp3.

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