New Humiliated Husband Story

We all know how well I enjoy a good cuckold.  I’ve been daydreaming a little today and entertaining myself and my body.. well, I thought I’d share the fruits of my mind’s labor and play.

I tapped out the thoughts that played through my head as I masturbated to the idea of a humiliated husband and released them as this Friday’s Pay Per View story.

That’ll be just $20 for me and burning obsession for you.

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Small Penis Humiliation MP3

It’s been a while since I’ve given you little clitty-dicks something to wank over.. well petals, whack away once more.. I’ve made you a Small Penis Humiliation MP3, just twenty dollars.. just think of it as a dollar for every millimeter you have to offer.

For those American pets whose intellects are as small as your peckers.. that’s less than an inch, loser.

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Mistress’ Cuckold Fantasy

Many of you know I prefer sensual Domination like strap-on training, tease and denial, guided masturbation, chastity, forced-bi, orgasm control, cum addiction.. you know, all that happy ending kinda stuff.. well happy ending for me, anyway.

Lately, I’ve been on a bit of a cuckold trip, thanks to a particularly addicted little cuck who finds it all so “intense” it’s been more fun than usual to torment him.

Soooooooo long story short, alot of my solo-sex last week was spent thinking about all the fuckalicious ways to torment a lover while I was taking a big, fat cock in front of him.

Today’s new MP3, released to keep you company through the long weekend without me, is a reflection of those fantasies.

as usual, $20.. but totally free of your dignity.

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Sex Workers Picketing a Church

Lemme hear ya say AMEN!!!

Seems a Baptist church was harassing a strip club, it’s members hanging outside the club, shouting nastiness at the workers and customers, taking pictures of license plates on cars and of patrons coming and going so they can post it online.. and now the strippers are getting a little of their own back, picketing the church.. or the pastor, rather.  Unlike the church followers, the strippers aren’t harassing people who are coming and going.  They’re sitting quietly with their protest signs and having breakfast.. you know.. peacefully.. like good Christians.

Read more here.

Is it wrong that a big part of me feels galled that they’re wearing bikinis to protest a church, not because it’s disrespectful, but because they’re giving the product away for free.  I have no doubt the girls, and the attention he’s getting from all this, are making that pastor’s cock buzz like a little honey bee.. I can picture him now, praying, wanking, cumming, and crying, all over his bible.

Doesn’t this all sound compelling? Not as compelling as Mistress Shayna’s Hypno-fetish phone sex.

Kinky Fucky Time BDSM

Stumbled upon this video by Count Boogie and the Perverted Circus and thought I’d share.  I love the sub at the end whose all covered in thick wax, so lovely, and fun to do.  Ok, the music isn’t great, but these people are real lifestylers just being silly and fun.  Everything from the pony-girls to the toy cow tied in shibari showed a dedication to Ds..


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Strap-on Training and Public Exposure, What’s Not To Love?

So I spent last night with a personal pet.. he started off as a pain slut, but his strap-on training is coming along nicely. I’m sure the size of the dildo is part of the attraction, anything that big has gotta hurt alot! Soon enough he’ll be ready for the real thing, and I’ll be able to pimp his fuckalicious little ass out like a good little whore.

Don’t you just love it when relationships grow and evolve like this?

I made an MP3 of the session, so you could enjoy it almost as much as he did.. of course, it’s gonna cost you $20 to listen in.. after all, I’ve got to start making money off his ass, now don’t I?

Just click the little button to pay the lady.

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Planning a Domina Slumber Party

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Domina Slumber party. Time for me two drag over Lady Katarina for another night of mischief and sissy-making. We’ll see if she brings along her bitch-boi. I want to see her whip his princess ass in front of me. It’s funny as hell to see, since he’s so tall and she’s so not.. watching her lead him around on a leash and making him bend for his ass kicking.

It’s been too long and I miss her. It’s funny.. she’s such a good, strong, sadistic Mistress.. crueler than I could ever be.. and yet for me, she’s a kitten. Hmmmmmm.. getting evil ideas in my head for Lady Katarina and her little pet princess.

I’ll keep you all posted.

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Pampered Pimpstress

I’m back from a weekend at a resort and spa, all buffed, smoothed, massaged, and glowing. I have some work for the sissy-maids to do, as I wore silver jewelry into the saline whirlpool and it went from sparkling to tarnished in a day.

So… I get home and what do I find? For three days off, I come home to a full day’s worth of messages to respond to, asking when I’ll be back. Honestly people, it’s not like I ever make myself readily available to losers during the weekend anyway.. What’s one more night? Get a grip, losers.

In other news, Bob’s wife isn’t the only one being well trained. I’ve been using Casper’s little girlfriend now and she’s so addicted to my pussy now she won’t take his anymore. We have finally retired his dick for good and locked it in a pretty new cb6000. My goodness, Casper, it’s one thing to be cuckolded by a man, but by a woman who hasn’t even so much as a cock to tempt your lover away with? Tut, tut.. replaced with a clit and she didn’t even mourn the loss of your cock.

Poor, poor Casper.

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