Suckable Toes

Just got back from a Bob-sponsored pedicure and a Sissyzilla sponsored make-up shopping spree.  It’s a good day to be me.

What this means for my little fetishists, of course, is that my pampered feet are soft, sweet, and sensitive.  Perfect for pressing against your hard cock and squeezing your poor, tortured head with my toes, or pressing against your face as you lie on the floor before me, accepting my gentle trampling as I literally walk all over you.

Mmmmm it’s almost as pleasant as when you massage my feet and suck my toes.

Tell you what.. do a good job and I’ll let you add some of your own, special brand of foot cream to my perfect pedicure.


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Silly Pet

Sometimes pets need a bit of after care when they’ve been particularly abused and used.  I’ve been very, very intense with poor Bob this week and he’s been a good, good, boy.. but he also needs to know Mistress cares for him.

Here you are, Bob.. everyone gets to see you are my special pet.  Whenever you’re feeling a little case of sub-drop and I’m not there to comfort.. you can come to this page, read these words, and remember that Mistress loves you and loves what you do for her.

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Horny Mistress

I am ravenously horny today.  I got to enjoy a puppy-boy last night who was an amusingly humpy little thing and I got to smack him in the balls with a rolled up newspaper, and having him lick my feet and ankles was nice… and having him lick my pussy and ass was nicer, it wasn’t quite the same thing as a good, solid fucking, now is it?

Time for me to call a real man.

Be a good boy, wait patiently for Mistress and I’ll bring you home leftovers.

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Where’s Mistress

I know my night time callers miss me.  I have heard your cries and will soon return to taking calls at a more reasonable rate (though one two hour caller today paid me enough for the privilege that I could go a month without taking calls an not miss the money.)

In the mean time, I have been keeping busy as an administrator at a new Ds message board for niteflirt members. is an online gathering place for my friends and subs.. come join us and meet other little Shayniacs.

Look forward to seeing you there.

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Hot and Sweaty Domina

Well, it’s been an experience having someone try to push me into doing things.  I’ll give my little trainer credit, he knows how to phrase it in a way that makes it seem he’s following my orders by pushing me.  We’ll see how it goes when it’s time to push harder, or when I just don’t feel like working out.

He gave me a lovely massage after the workout though, complete with a Domina happy ending.. by which I mean, he licked my ass and pussy till I came.

What a beautiful way to loosen the muscles.

Now.. time for a latte and a scone.  Of course, that just means my trainer is going to have to work harder tomorrow.

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The Danger of Dominance

It’s not all fun and games, you know.. having people kiss your ass and clean your house.  The only exercise I got last week was gently bouncing a pain-slut’s balls with my toe and toning my shoulders and forearms as I flogged a bitch.  Incidentally, it’s more of a workout than it would seem.

Fortunately, I have a personal trainer who wants to be feminized.  Admittedly, he’s not so much a bottom, more like a cross-dresser who wants some girly encouragement.  Fortunately, he’s patient with me when I get carried away and tell him what a good little cock-sucking whore I’m going to make him as I do his eyeliner.

We’re working on a barter system.. I play his Pimptress and he’ll be my trainer.  We’ll see how it goes.. the idea of a man telling me to work is going to make me chuckle.  I’m not sure how it will work out.  I’ll keep you posted.

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Busy Femdom Days

Wow, so much going on this week.  I’ve been working on new listings, I’ve been made an admin for a new slave messageboard coming up.. I’ll be posting about it next week so you can all join, it’s going to be a great resource for all the Niteflirt BDSM community.  I have Bob, whos newfound submission is a rollercoaster ride for him (come back soon for a post on dealing with sub-drop, by the way) and I had a tie-up session with a pair of sissies yesterday.  You can read more about that at

I ended up just bringing over a girlfriend to help me.  She’s a sub but she and her Master are friends of mine and he agreed to lend her to me for some administrative assistance.  She’s been on for a while, but hasn’t been working it.  When her master learned how much money I make though, he decided it was time to get her back on track.  If you’re a switch, give her a call.  You can find her at  Do you love the site name?  I do. I came up with it.  It suits her.

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New Cuckold

I’ve been having so much fun guiding a humiliated husband through the emasculating and cuckolding experience of having his wife worship another man’s cock.  He’s been taking cuckold lessons and is making great progress in humility.

In order to help him better visualize what is being put to his wife while he stays at home playing the good little housewife, I had him get his cock as hard as he could and trace an outline on a piece of paper.  Then, he was to draw another outline to represent his wife’s lover’s cock.  He had to use a ruler to properly visualize the more than nine inches his wife is being stretched by.

You can see the results for yourself.  It’s no wonder she would look for cock outside the home.  Even if he could manage to fuck her like a respectable husband, he still wouldn’t be able to give her a real man’s cock.

The Cuckold and the CockHis poor wife.  Well, at least she’s finally getting a real cock.

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