Cum Addiction: Creamy Details

So, Cumwhipper is a new pet who, as the name would imply, whips cum.

I don’t mean that as a euphemism for masturbation.. he literally whips cum.. into a light, frothy mouse.  This cum connoisseur can make a cummy creampie that actually looks like a cream pie.

Through years of dedicated jizz experimentation, he’s discovered the best, fastest way to whip up a creamy spunk spread is to use the little wire brush attachment on a Dremel type drill.  In about a minute, a quarter ounce of man-milk can be whipped into a froth that would fill a shot glass.

And of course, what would be the point of all this dedication to culinary cummery if not to enjoy the cum-yummy goodness of a creamy treat.  Cumwhipper has been stockpiling not only his own cum, but the spunk of other slaves as well, so he always has the perfect load to go with any meal.

Now that’s what I call a cum-junkie.

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Extreme Cum Addiction

I’ve recently played with a cum-addict to the nth degree.  This little cum whipper is so devoted to the art of cum eating, he could qualify as a spunk-chef.

I’ll be posting more about him soon, but I thought all you little addicts out there would enjoy this little image illustrating the depths of his cum addiction.

That’s 6.6 CCs of cum in that syringe, my little jizz-junkies.  Don’t you wish you were him?

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The BS Boys

The BS pets have been back to bickering and it’s becoming tiresome.  The competition is fine when they’re trying to outdo each other in a bid for my esteem by buying me things, but the whole sniping and bitching is just annoying.

S, knowing I have a soft spot for chest hair, has made sure he teases the smooth chested B, and B, with his muscular six  foot, three inch frame has been flexing in front of S like a frigging peacock fans his tail.

I had to put an end to the bitching by putting a cock in each of their mouths.

In case you’re wondering, the similarity between them doesn’t end with body type and chest hair, but that would be telling tales out of school.

Then again, they have been some naughty, naughty school boys.  Perhaps a bit of public humiliation would do them well.  Maybe some pictures of their side by side activities posted to the net?

Nah, I’d rather give them a pants down, over the knee spanking.

Now, who’s first, Poppets?

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Decisions, Decisions

I had a lovely choice between two pets this weekend, ironically initialed B and S.

Separately, I’ve been rather hard on S and not much kinder to B, but together BS found a way to please me and I am very pleased.  Especially when they quite competing with each other and came together in service of Mistress. As soon as it was all over, the cattiness began anew, but for one brief, shining moment, there was Cumalot.

The delicious little cock-sucking bitches took direction, and each others’ cocks, very well.

Once again, it’s very good to be me.

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Phone Domme Fan Mail: The Sequel

When last we left our funny little fan boy, he was actively protesting his desperate slide into phone sex faggotry as his dicklet hardened in spite of his horror at the throbbing cock he imagined in front of him.. what became of our delightful, cum craving victim?  Did Mistress make him listen to the whole recording?  Read on to see.

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Forced-bi Recorded Fantasy
Date: Apr 11, 2010 08:03 PM

I listened.  I listened two times. I busted a nut three times.  That’s right.  I didn’t even make it through the whole thing with shooting hot cum everywhere.  No, I did not eat it.  I have no desire to eat my own cum nor anyone else’s.  That’s your job to make me do it.  Truthfully, I don’t think you can. Maybe if you promised me some of that hot wet pussy of yours, I’d suck a cock for you.  How could I resist.  I might even do it just for a chance to feel your sensuous lips against my lips in a hot french kiss. If you feel that is beneath you as a Mistress, you could always suck one of your studs cocks right before you gave me a deep sensuous kiss. Even though I have no desire to taste cock, I’d still kiss you even if you had cock breath.  You think cock fresh on your breath would stop me from kissing you as deep as possible?  I’m not only straight, I’m super straight.  I’m so straight not even the taste of cock in your mouth could stop me from kissing a beautiful women.  You see how straight I am.  Some guys claim they love women.  But they don’t love them enough to do the stuff I’m would do for you.  So while sucking a cock may seem gay, it’s really an affirmation of just how straight I am.  The fact that a woman’s arousal turns me on that much means I’m even more heterosexual than a dude who would not suck cock for you.  And if I’d be willing to do that, imagine the passion I’d put into slit slurping your delicious twat.  I’d fucking devour you, grunting and snorting like I hadn’t eaten in days.  You’d think I had cunt starving lesbian hunger the way I’d suck you to orgasm.  That’s not all.  Despite what you might think, I’ve got no small cock.  I’m a full 5 and half inches.  So take that. Pretty good, huh?  It’s kinda thick too.  Not real thick, but you know.  That’s good, right?  5 and half would be plenty for you?  You’re not a size queen who only allows big fat real men cocks into her vagina are you?  That would be so petty.  I mean discriminating against small or average size cocks is just like other discrimination.  It’s just not right.  You wouldn’t do that would you?  You wouldn’t turn a guy down based solely on his cock size? Sure the big ones might feel better, but that’s not all there is to it is there?  I could please you in other ways.  I’d lick and suck your pussy like no big dicked stud would ever do.  I’d suck your toes, if they were clean and you were fresh out of a hot bath.  I would have to draw the line and licking and sucking on your sweet puckered asshole though.  That’s just nasty.  You’d have to make me do that.  Maybe bend over, reach back and grab my head, and jam it between your butt cheeks.  Hold me there until I was about to suffocate and yell at me that the only way I get a breath is if I eat out your ass like a starving refugee.  Maybe lay me down on my back, squat on my face, and give me the same treatment.  I’d never strike a lady so if you forced the issue physically I guess I’d just have to go along.  I wouldn’t enjoy it though.  What, licking your asshole, then sucking on it, then pointing my tounge stiff and slam fucking into your hole, that does not sound like my idea of fun.  I mean I might grunt and moan when you forced me to do it, but that would just be from the physical exertion.  I might even salivate and get your asshole really wet with spit, but that’s just a normal reaction to anything oral.  The same thing would happen with eating your pussy.  No different.  If my dick happened to get painfully hard, it’d probably be just from smelling your pussy juices being so close to your ass.    You wouldn’t make me do something so nasty anyway, would you?  That would be taken advantage of someone so enamored with you.  You make my dick so hard you could get me to do a lot of things I wouldn’t normally do.  It’d be wrong to take advantage of that.

That’s right, pet, it would be sooooo wrong.  Now, be a dear and grab your ankles.

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Shoes and More Shoes

I love my shoes.  I have a large collection of stilettos, pumps, mules, boots, loafers, running shoes, mary-janes, even saddle shoes.  You name it, I love them.  But as pretty as my shoes can be, as much as I love them, sometimes they don’t love me back.

At the end of the day, a sexy pair of pointy toed sling-backs just doesn’t feel as good as they did when I put them on.   That’s when my darling little fetishists come in to rub my tender feet and lick them clean.  If they’re very good, I’ll let them use their own special brand of cream as they rub their built-in massagers along my soft arches and painted toes. Of course, that’s only if they’re prepared to clean it up afterward.

Mmmm.. I think it’s time for a pedicure.

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Phone Domme Fan Mail

I get alot of messages from subs who just like to listen to recordings, buy assignments, or buy picture packs, without actually chatting with me.  They are usually just pleasant and polite compliments on their purchase, but I recently had one stand out for it’s frantic, run-on sentences, lack of visual breaks, and stream of consciousness rambling as he denies his obvious cock-love.

I have to say, I loved the letter, and had to share.  The following is the untampered with, cut and pasted message from a fan.  I considered fixing it up to make it visually easier to read, but I think the block presentation adds to the feeling of desperation in the letter.  It’s almost like visual poetry.

Enjoy.  There’s more where this came from.

Subject: Re: Forced-bi Recorded Fantasy
Date: Apr 09, 2010 05:25 PM

Well I’ve had a chance to listen to only a little bit of it so far.  I stopped at 51 seconds.  Exactly 51 seconds.  “Big fat hard cock right in front of me”, huh?  Think I’d do something if you dropped me to my knees in front of one like that?  No way.  No fucking way.  So what if I had a hard on by that part in the audio.  It doesn’t mean anything.  If you had been talking about making me eat your sweet wet pussy, I still would’ve had a hard on.  It’s your voice, that’s all.  You sound so sexy.  Whether making your clit get all shiny and wet with my spit or making the head of a cock get all shiny and wet with my spit, it wouldn’t matter as long as it was your voice guiding the action.  See, nothing to it all.  I had to stop at 51 seconds before I was tempted to pull it out and do something that might get me in trouble around here.  You wouldn’t want me to get in trouble and lose my job, would you?  How would I have money to buy your stuff then?   You don’t want me thinking about sucking cock at work.  Giving me a hard on here is a bad idea.  What if I have to stand up because someone called me out of my office?  That could be embarrassing.  What if I go to the restroom and your voice replays in my head and you give me an erection when another male co-worker walks in the bathroom?  That could turn out very bad.  I’m going to wait and listen to the rest when I get home.  You’re a trouble maker.  You’re a fucking hot sexy trouble maker who makes my dick get hard at inopportune times.  How am I going to make it through the rest of the day without double clicking on that audio file to hear your sweet sexy voice?  Even when you’re being mean, you’re still sexy.  Don’t let it go to your head though.  You still couldn’t get me to suck a cock.  I bet if we were face to face in the same place, you couldn’t make me do it.  I dare you to try it.  I double dog dare you to try to make me suck on a big ol’ hard throbbing dick.  I dare you to grab me by the back of the head and force me far down on a fat piece of cock-meat.  We’ll see how far you get with the recorded audio.  Even if by the end I’m panting hungry for piece of meat in my mouth, I’d still never do it in real life.  I bet you couldn’t get that far if we we’re together in the same room.  No way you’d make me suck off a cock. Not to completion especially. Not to the point that it twitches, throbs, jumps, then blasts a sticky salty hot load of cum in my mouth.  I know you couldn’t do it.  I know it for a fact.  Shit, you’d do good just to force me to lick and suck your asshole.  You might, MIGHT, have a chance at making me do that.  Of course, I’d suck your pussy without any hesitation.  I’d suck your pussy til your head caved in.  No cock though.  Not for me.  No big fat juicy cock with bulging throbbing veins and slick salty precum coating the tip will ever make it in this mouth.

Now I ask you… what else could I do but make him listen to the rest.. and cum?

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Phone Sex Prey

It begins again. Me here, you there.  Between us, oceans, continents, millions of souls, and nothing at all.

I poke your mind with a stick and watch what jiggles.

A flogger? {{poke}}

A length of rope? {{poke}}

A strap on? {{poke}}

I hear your mind hum and know your weakness. Now, to use it.

Do I seduce? Or shall I take you by force, knowing it’s impossible to rape the willing. The timbre of your voice tells me more than you can know. You respond to me, not as a man, with lust in his growl, but as a bitch, with fear and anxiety.

Predator that I am, I can not resist when such a weak and easy target stumbles so willingly into my den.

I pounce.

I take.

I feed.

I use.

And when I’m done, you are ravaged and grateful.

Sated for the moment, I appear tame. You want to pet me, feel my soft pelt, admire my exotic beauty up close, as if I were a domestic pet. And I may allow it, if you don’t bother me. I know it keeps you close enough to feed again easily.

But be careful of thinking the animal is tamed. You are only my prey, pretending to be a man.

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Dear Bitter, Angry Loser

The following is an open letter to Rosalind, who, despite having said she had no more to say to me, continues to leave comments in my blog, proving herself to be as addicted to my abuse as her ex-fiancee is.  It was originally intended as a response in the comments section of another post, but it taps into a subject I feel strongly enough about to put it to a wider audience.  I realize this isn’t what most of my visitors come to see, but bare with me, pets, Mistress has some business to attend to.  I’ll be back to tormenting you tomorrow, dearies.

In defense of “phone whores.”

Rosalind, tut tut, where are your manners?  To repeatedly come to a person’s website with the intent of being insulting is tantamount to returning to their home to spew venom at them.  No matter, I understand why you would be dissatisfied with your life, and I’ll pay the cost of the band-width for you to rage because I find you amusing.

I’m not a phone whore, I’m a phone, and face to face Domme.  It’s a distinction your ex understood perfectly when he sought my services, I assure you.  Still, despite your intention, I take no offense from being called a phone whore.

I know many phone sex operators and understand the truth of the matter, that they are your neighbors and your coworkers, your friends and your family members.  Many struggle with money and find it a fun part time job to help make ends meet.  Some enjoy it enough and make enough money at it to drop their mainstream jobs in favor of it.  I know lawyers and psychiatrists who’ve decided they prefer working at home, doing phone sex to working in an office doing more mundane work.

Every once in a while, a phone sex operator is someone who is disabled and has trouble finding work because of it, but they don’t wish to rely upon public assistance.  Working as a fantasy artist levels the field for them a bit.

It’s a tough job, tapping into the head’s of people who don’t always want to reveal their fantasies, but expect the professional to know anyway.  To make it, phone sex operators must be perceptive, quick witted, diplomatic, and appealing to a variety of tastes.  They must not only be every man’s fantasy, they must be able to determine, with very little information, what that fantasy is.

Sadly, for all their intelligence, their wit, their charm, and their work ethic, they are still met with scorn and derision from embittered people who couldn’t do their job.

And though you’re mistaken about my very comfortable income, you’re correct about one thing, I don’t pay a typist.  I have submissive little pets like your ex, who like to do things for me.

Now, though you are no more able to stay away from me than your husband, I’ve treated you to enough free humiliation.  If you wish to be berated further, you’ll have to call and pay, just like Barry does.  Unlike yourself, I have the self-control to ignore you.  Rage away, further comments will not receive response from me.

I wish you better luck in your future relationships.  If you’d like advice on how to keep, and keep control of, a man.. call me.

Mistress Shayna.. Honorary Phone Whore.

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Homewrecking Bitch

Well the women are circling the wagons.  Rosalind, whose now ex fiancee (who you may remember is a self-hating Jew with a fetish for licking jack-boots,)and a woman who identifies herself only as “another victim” are enjoying a sisterhood of losers in the comments sections of my posts.

From the time the second woman says I destroyed her marriage, I’m pretty sure I know who she is.. and honestly, if she’s going to be squeamish about kicking a man in the balls when he desperately needs it, those two are better off without each other.

The funny thing is, while they’re both whining about how I ruined their relationships, their estranged husband and former fiancee are in my email, begging to come back for more abuse.

I’ve levied an annoyance tax against them for the time I’ve spent responding to their Ex-whatevers.

I hear Dan’s illiterate bride threw her wedding and engagement rings in his face when he told her he only wanted to serve me.  It’s a good thing for him that she did.  It gave him something to pawn to pay my tax.

In other news.. keep your eyes open for my new listing, coming soon… Home-wrecking Phone Sex.

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