Self-Hating Jewish Bitches

Lord I love the little Hebrew freaks who want nothing more than to lick Aryan boots while pulling their little circumsized puds… and call me to hear how I’m going to make them do it.

I have a devoted little pet who calls me from London to snivel and whine as I tell him how he needs to suck a big red dildo with a swastika on it.  Contrary to the most common of Jewish stereotypes, he’s been forking over his money to me for some months now… but all the rest of the shit seems to be true about him.

He’s a whiny little bitch, who’s too afraid of his Jewish girlfriend to tell her he’s no longer interested in kosher sex and wants to worship  Aryan pussy.

Happy Passover

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BDSM Film Review: The Pet

The first film I have to review for you is one people in the BDSM community seem to either love or hate with no middle ground.

It’s about a naturally submissive girl who is spotted by a man whose business it is to recognize those with the potential to make good pets and give them intense puppy-training.  The human pets in the film are submerged so deeply in their training that they lose themselves in the role completely, losing their ability to speak and walk upright, their minds slipping into a near feral state where the only words they understand are their Masters’ commands.

These pets are picked for their physical fitness, as well as for their submissive qualities, the goal of their Masterstraining being not only to keep them as slaves, but to trade their bodies on the black market for parts as any livestock would be.  This is where the controversy comes in.

There are those who say such films representing a power exchange relationship in such an abusive and insensitive manner is exploitation.   They say the film is propaganda against white slavery, using a laughably extreme example to warn against the dangers of a BDSM lifestyle.  In truth, the notion of a human pet being in the company of people talking about killing them to sell their organs, and showing no reaction because they are in an animalistic mindset, is far fetched.  But it’s certainly not more far fetched than any other movie out there.  It all depends on whether the actors and director were good enough to involve you and allow  you to suspend your disbelief.

Lovers of the film talk about the moments early in the film where we see the girl being seduced by the notion of a surrender of control and embracing the comfort of a collar.  Her training is erotic, without being sexual and initially represents a loving BDSM relationship with recognizably real elements for those of us who embrace this way of life.

In the end though, the plot itself is extreme, and though it’s not more far fetched than any other film, it is up to the actors and director to help us suspend our disbelief.  In this respect, I think the movie failed.   The acting was a bit stiff, but I suspect that was to do with the lines they had to spit out.  The cutting, the pacing, the sound, the angles, all seemed to distance us from the characters when we could have been more intimate with them.  What the director did manage to do was to create a pretty film, but it wasn’t nearly pretty enough to compensate for the rest.


Zen Chastity

I asked the Buddhist “what is the sound of one hand jerking?”    It’s a question that cock-caged chastity fuck will never answer from personal experience.

Though he has a clue, what with the monster cock I made him kneel before as it’s owner jacked off in his face.  I figure if he can’t use his own cock anymore, he should at least be reminded what they’re for.  So I let Monster-cock fuck his ass.

Poor little chastity boy.  He really seemed to think the little padlock I had him buy on the way over was for my cockatoo’s cage.  He had no idea just which little birdy was going to be locked away.

Silly idiot.. I would never do something so cruel to my beloved parrot.   But then, he acts like more of a man than little mister locked-cock.

To top it all off, after he left, I told him to call me, and I charged him to tell me all about how humiliated he was by the whole thing…  As he was talking, I was fucking the man whose dried cum he still wore on his face.

It’s just another fine day in Shaynaland.

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