Not a Faggot? Are You Kidding Me?!

OK, so I’ve got the little bitch-boi on a Niteflirt call.  It’s not the firt manly-sissytime she’s called, and as usual, Princess sissy is in her little pink nightie.  She also has her favorite sildo in her ass.. the BIG one, and she’s repeating again and again, in that raspy breath “I’m a sissy, and I’m going to cum in my panties.  I’m just a girl and I’m rubbing my little pussy in my sissy pink panties.  I’m a girl, I’m a girl and I need to be fucked in my pink panties.”

On and on she goes in a nearly breathless diatribe describing her sissified state.  In case I could forget from one moment to the next, she begins almost every sentence with “I’m a girl,” and ends them by mentioning her panties.

For a long time now, this person has called often and repeatedly.   I have fun with her, even if it can be a bit repetitive. It’s  always the same pink nightie and the dildos must be increasingly large because they’re always stretching her sissy hole farther than it’s ever been stretched.  She’s always taking the biggest cock she’s ever seen.  Still,  she’s into the whole sissification thing, and that’s always fun for me.

Soooooooooooo…. because I am a sissy-pimp.stress, and because prepping little bitches to be used by real men is what I do, I tell the little cocklet lover that I have a guy with a warm, fat cock coming over to fill her face and boy-pussy full of cum.

Suddenly, this person, whom I’ve only ever heard with the most sissified of voices, drops character, butches up, and says in a manly, gruff voice “Hey.. I’m no faggot.”

I could only stare at the phone and blink in amazement.

My apologies, sissy.  I misunderstood by the throbbing dick between your legs, as you talked about how much you love your toy cock and love having a pussy to fuck, that you might actually like the real thing.

manly-sissyAnd now that the apology is out of the way, shut the fuck up and swallow his cock like I told you.

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