I Want!!!

For the Mistress who wants everything

The perfect valentine for the girl who wants everything, the Tulip Ego laptop, It costs over ten thousand dollars and isn’t even all that spectacular a machine, but it looks so damned good…. and I want it!

A money-pigs wet dream

And look how greedy I’m not being, they also have a diamond covered lappy for $350,000

They’re for sale at Saks Fifth Avenue and you can find a direct link in my Amazon wish list.

Makes you want more, doesn’t it? Come and get your Mistress Phone Sex,then.

Training For The Sissy Olympics

Alright sissies, time for you to show me what you’re made of in the upcoming Shayniac Sissy Olympics.

There’s really only one category.. the splooge event. I want to see images of you all cream filled and glazed like the desperate little cumdumps you are. I’m taking calls to see who can suck the man-milk from a gangbang like a true Olympian. You will be judged on the difficulty, technical merit, and presentation of your wanking and sucking skills.

The event will be held next month, so you have time to consider your costumes and routines. Time to hit those gloryholes and get practicing. There is nothing less at stake than my esteem.

Best of luck to all of you. May the most pathetic man win.

Got your panties in a twist? There’s always Mistress Shayna’s Sissy Phone Sex.

Vacation Is Over, Back On Your Knees, Bitches!

I’ve missed you, my pets. All my sucking little sissies, my amusing little cuckolds, my playful puppies, my foot slaves, my pain sluts, my ever so handy sissy-maids, my money-pigs, and my ever so devoted devotees of the Cult of Shayna.. it’s been a long few weeks and it’s good to be back.

I love all the gifts and will be showing my own special brand of appreciation to those of you who paid your tributes.

And for the rest of you who didn’t… I’ll be showing you a few things as well.

You need a Mistress like Shayna, but you can’t have her. Of course, you can beg for scraps of her attention and call her Femdom Phone Sex line.