Freebie of The Month

Every once in a while, I can’t help but take pity on poor, pathetic losers who come seeking my attention without having the means to pay for it.  My normal method is to tell them to call if they would like to speak with me, knowing they can not afford me, and sending the message that I will be neither engaging nor abusive, until I’ve been paid.

But sometimes, just sometimes, I feel playful enough to humiliate them for seeking my attention.  The following is the log of a conversation from a loser who’s been sniffing around for the past month or so.  Yesterday I decided to give him some freebie humiliation for being a loser.

The name has been changed to keep him from enjoying a public outing.


Broke Loser

hi there



12:32pmBroke Loser

how r u?


it’s always good to be me, Broke Loser

12:33pmBroke Loser


love the attitude


many to, that’s why I’m so well paid.


12:34pmBroke Loser

lucky you “(

I am poor



12:34pmBroke Loser

give me some of what you get


You haven’t got what it takes .. how about I just turn you into a whore instead?

12:36pmBroke Loser

as you want me to be Mistres



ok.. go to and sign up for an account to start sucking virtual cock.. come looking for my attention again once you’ve made some money to give me

2:26pmBroke Loser

hi there

couldn’t talk at niteflisrt

my country is not uncluded

2:30pmBroke Loser

oh domina

come on

no harm from a flirt chat

2:59pmBroke Loser


no harm in a flirty chat with someone who doesn’t charge for her attention.. you keep coming to me hoping I’ll give you assignments, tell you what to do, and get your little dick hard with my attention as I tell you how you can suck my boyfriend’s cock… all that is what I do for a living. Go ask your lawyer to give you free advice on how to handle your legal issues and call it “just a chat” and see how far it gets you.

3:02pmBroke Loser

sorry Miss

I am so poor

see you




then do something to fix it.. do not come wasting a Domina‘s time, hoping for crumbs because you can not afford to pay her. … my attention is a luxury item.

3:04pmBroke Loser


will come back to you if it got fixed

bye for now


good by for now then

3:05pmBroke Loser

::out from her life on his knees like a dog::

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