Grind Princess Barbie and Malibu Hump Ken With Real Tribbing Action

She in her panties and he in his gaff, both all latexy smooth as my two toys should be while I posed them and played with them.

They very nearly took on a life of their own as I positioned her over where his cock would be and moved her smooth, slitless pussy-mound on him. But my toys know better than to take on a life of their own.

Eventually, like any girl with a toy that had grown boring, I made some alterations. I cut a slit in the pussy cover, where a slit should be, and I strapped a toy on the Ken doll and let him fuck her, just as if he were a real man.

A girl’s never too old to play with dolls.

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The Beast

My stallion pranced as I rode him around the room, my bare pussy pressed against the small of his back, leaving an almond shaped wet spot. With my legs hooped around his waist, my heels bounced perilously close to his cock and flicked my crop at his ass. I giggled near his ear as I clung to his strong shoulders, bouncing with each step he took.

Out of breath and fully amused, I had him kneel so I could dismount. I threaded my fingers through his mane of hair and teased him with the handle of the crop. skimming it over his flank and toward his tail. His hole was tight and not recently used, so I put myself on my back beside him and wet the crop handle in my pussy, sliding it in and out with a wet sound and a musky scent to tease his senses, though my hand in his hair held his head straight and wouldn’t let him look.

With that pussy lubricated crop handle I pushed at his ass, forcing it into his tight little fuck-hole. He hunched his hips, trying to fuck the air as I poked at his prostate. It was an erotice sight, that huge cock bobbing below him. I indulged myself, pressing against his hip as I fucked him with my crop. My pussy burned as I humped against him.

He’s a cheeky thing, my pony-boy stallion. I always have to rein him in, constantly reminding him who is Mistress, as he comes to me calling me “baby.” But I’m amused by his spirit and don’t wish to break him completely. So it’s a matter of giving him the carrot as well as the stick.

With the stick planted firmly in his ass, I put the carrot of my pussy in front of his nose, to nuzzle and get my scent as I stroked his hair. He nosed at my slit, and asked with piteous humility to please be allowed to taste.

My thighs parted and he was able to swipe at my clit with his tongue, pulling a hiss from my mouth. I held his face and ground against his mouth and moving tongue. His whimpers and pleas for more made my cunt even hotter. By the time he was begging to fuck me, I was frantic in my own right. I pulled him on to me, pulling his head by the hair until he was over me. I hooked my ankles around his back and forced his hips forward, impaling myself on him.

With animal heat, I clawed at his back and ass, my teeth at his shoulder as I ordered him to fuck. It took very few thrusts forward before my orgasm was rolling over his cock in waves, milking him. My pussy alternately sucked him in and pushed him out as I came with violent intensity.
It’s bad of me to indulge him to such an extent, I know. It only encourages him to remain spirited. But I’d rather ride a stallion than a bunny any day.

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Spreader Puppy

Today I introduced a puppy boy to the joys of suspension.

With his paws in their puppy mitts, I clipped his wrists together in front of him. Oh, his eyes were so big and wide as I lay him back to secure the spreader bar between the suspension cuffs on his ankles. I put his favorite nylon bone in his mouth like a pacifier to calm him as I raised his legs and hips off the bed.

Imagine his surprise as he realized my clipping his hands in front of him was not the comfort position he’s thought it was once his lower back was raised and his weight rested on his upper back. Had his hands been behind him, he’d have had some control over the slight swinging of his body. As it was, he could only rock with each, slow draw of the rope through the pulleys as I lifted him inch by inch.

I didn’t leave him up there long.. not the first time. I lowered his body but kept legs up to use his ass with my strap-on as he dangled, helplessly restrained.

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Ruined by Mistress

Never trust a Mistress with a sense of humor.


My latex gloved hand pumped the pocket pussy on his little cock, forcing gobs of the thick lube to squirt out around the base.   My other hand explored his ass and his prostate.  His cock was completely under my control.

As I stroked, I taunted him with filthy words in a demanding voice.  I told him to fuck his toy girlfriend, forcing him to talk dirty to the handful of latex and the only thing he’d ever fuck. I told him to show her what a stud he was, to give it to her good, to fill her cunt with his spunk, to tell the pocket pussy to take his cock deep.

Throughout it all, I could see the tension building in his thighs and the way his balls moved beneath the skin as he came closer and closer to his climax.  He inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly, trying to draw out the experience, but every smutty word I hissed near his ear drove him further.  I could see the head of his cock, swollen and ripe, and feel his pulse throbbing in his prostate.  He was so close to exploding, I couldn’t help but admire how he managed to hold back for even another few moments.

…but I was done waiting.  I pushed another finger into his ass.  “Now!” I demanded.  “Do it now!’

“Oh god Mistress,” he moaned “Yes!” His hips jerked forward for one last thrust.

Quickly, before the first, satisfying pulse shot up along his shaft, I snatched the pocket pussy away away from his cock and pulled my fingers from his ass, leaving him helplessly unstimulated.  I gave him only a moment to whine in protest before I brought my thumb back down on his hole, capping him off as the shots of jizz struggled to burst out.

He groaned weakly and sank back, deflated over his ruined orgasm.

“What’s wrong, pet? Wasn’t ‘cum’ the safe word?”

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I’ve Been Too Busy To Toy With Losers

Ok, so it’s been too long since I’ve posted here. The good news is what I’ve been working on. A new community website for submissives and Dominants to come together in an advice forum. There will be a whole bunch of Femdom phone sex Mistresses for you to get to know better. Most work with the Niteflirt phone sex system

Tops will get a chance to show off their expertise and subs will find more of that guidance they so desperately crave. I’ll keep the site name to myself for a while longer, until it’s presentable.

Feel free to hold your breath, it’ll be ready in a tic.

In the mean time, why don’t you entertain yourselves with a Femdom video?

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