Phone Sex, Phone Tag, or Cat and Mouse?

It’s not always that I’m busy, it’s not always that I just missed your call. Sometimes.. most time, I’m just sitting by the phone, giggling at how often you’ll call back, pressing the buttons of my phone number like a lab rat at the crack dispenser.

How many calls can I ignore before you stop trying? Is it ten, twenty, fifty? And just when you’re about to give up, it takes one time of my picking up the phone for three distracted minutes, and you’re back to chasing me on that never ending hamster wheel.

Keep running little rodent… you’re making me laugh.

Savor the forced faggotization with Shayna’s Forced-biphone Sex.


Tonight I’m all tingling and excited, knowing what will happen.. knowing how my little cuckold will hold his little dick, watching from the corner as I get fucked by a real man.. with a real cock. Knowing how he’ll huddle there, whacking away as I’m split open by a piece of monster cock he could only dream of having.

Little cuck can look, but he’ll never get to touch, of course. I couldn’t be bothered with that pimple he calls a dick. If he wants to see some real action, maybe I’ll let him be my fluffer bitch. It really is a delicious cock.

It’s going to be a lovely night.

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Brightly Colored Duct Tape.. Beautiful Bondage

Part of the fun for me in bondage is the exercise in skill and creativity.  I love the intricate rope work of shibari,  when I get to use colored rope, making bold blocks of red and black as I mummify a pet.. or lacy patterns of blue and silver as I secure them snugly to a bench.

Duct tape can be good for quick, secure restraint, and comes in dozens and dozens of colors.  It has the added amusement of hurting like hell when you rip it off a furry pet.

It was my intention to strap down a submissive with duct tape the other day, making pretty patterns as I anchored him to the bed and putting short strips of red tape on his body to spell out SLUT, SLAVE, and CUM DUMP. Somehow, one thing led to another and I discoverd his fetish for plastic wrap…. oh my.

There’s nothing prettier than a pet all wrapped in tinted shrink wrap as if he were my own, personal gift basket. I wrapped him head to toe in the wrap, straddling him as I did most of it, so that he could feel me through that thin sheet of plastic.  I made sure to squirm and slide, pulling his head forward so he could see my pretty pussy snuggled down on the narrow ridge of his cock, all wrapped tight against his belly.

Well the poor thing could hardly help himself after that, could he?  He was so close to actually fucking a woman.  He could feel my heat and see his cock, right there at the opening of my glorious cunt, and yet, he might as well have been a woman for all he could get the cock into me.  He spurt, right there and then, in his plastic wrap mummy casings.

Yeah… I love bondage.

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