Shopping With Sugar Daddy Bill

Sugar Daddy Bill and I have gone shopping three times this week, hitting countless stores and looking at literally hundreds of shoes.  We finally settled on some of the cutest bras, panties, and blouses from Victoria’s Secret and Shoes from Manolo Blahnik.

He bought everything I suggested, like a good boy, keeping the shopping trip going until I nearly dropped from exhaustion.

I adore Sugar Daddy Bill.  Financial Domination is a beautiful thing.

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Decorative Bondage

bondage freak I top brought me the greatest ropes in burgandy, black, silver, and hunter green.

He knows I’ve been practicing my Shibari technique and these colored ropes were a lovely inspiration.  I felt like a kid with a new box of crayons, I wanted to decorate everything.  Well, everyone, anyway.  The rope is soft, thick, and shiny.  It looked great wrapped around his body in alternating blocks of color.  What pretty new patterns I was able to create.

He brought me twenty yards of each, leaving plenty of bondage to go around.  So.. Who’s next?

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This Little Piggy Went To The Poorhouse

Most pf my little subbie slaves are able to buy my attention for only $2.49  per minute to have the privilege of hearing my voice.  They are welcome to call whenever they see I’m logged on and available to take calls.

Then, there are the annoying bitches.  The ones I’ll only speak with if they pay me extra just to heard them breathe.  For these cognitive Lilliputians, I charge extra before I will even allow them to schedule an appointment, and make no mistake, I’ll hang up on them if they don’t have an appointment.  I want time to prepare myself mentally for the barrage of stupidity I’m about to face when I speak with these fuckwits.  During our calls and after, they are under strict orders and any breech of my rules results in a steep fine.  Fines are usually tailored to the individual, but a few of the basics are found below.

If you’re a little loser who will only annoy me with his breathing, I suggest you look it over carefully.  You may not be able to afford my attention.  Of course, you could always sell your home and live at a shelter.  I’m sure it would be worth it.

Cost For Services:

There will be a fee of 1$  per stroke for authorized masturbation.

There will be a $20 fee for authorized orgasm.

There will be a a $5 fee for looking at me with my permission.

Penalty fees:

There will be a $5 penalty for whining about anything.

There will be a $10 fee for looking at me without permission

There will be a $5 penalty fee for each unauthorized stroke of the cock

There will be a $50 penalty fee for orgasming without permission.

There will be a $25 dollar penalty fee for making disgusting sounds as you orgasm.

There will be a $10 penalty for appointments canceled with more than 24 hours notice.

There will be a $20 penalty for appointments canceled with more than 2 hours notice, but less than 24.

There will be a $50 penalty for appointments canceled with less than 2 hours notice.

There will be a $100 penalty for appointments missed without having been canceled.

There will be a $10 rescheduling fee to change an appointment from on time to another on the original date of the appointment. Appointments will not be rescheduled to another date, if another date is required, the original appointment will be considered canceled.

There will be a $10 penalty if I have to warn a piggy of impending or borderline disrespect.

There will be a $100 penalty fee for disrespect.  Stupidity will not be an excuse.  I am the sole determiner of what is disrespectful.

There will be a $50 penalty fee for being stupid. I am the sole determiner of what is stupid.

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The Mistress Is Back, Have You Been a Good Pet?

Well, well, well.. I’m back from my vacation and find my sissy maid Colette has been in desperate need of supervision.I came home with a bag full of dirty laundry only to discover the little slag has been wearing the pristine panties I left behind.

If it weren’t for the fossilized fuck in Utah who sent me the $200 e-gift certificate to Victoria’s Secret, I’d have no clean undies at all.Fortunately, the package of sweet new thongs and Brazilian cut panties was waiting for me when I got home.

Big, biting kisses for all the pets who sent me tributes to spend while I was on vacation.I brought back more mementos than I could reasonably carry.Of course, it’s always easy to find some sycophantic little man to move my things along for me, so it’s not really my problem if the luggage is heavy.

Overall, it’s good to be home and back to my pets.Even the ones who haven’t been minding their chores while I’ve been gone.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a sissy to spank.

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Tag-Team Time Again

Mistress Katarina and I have a two-Domme live session to do tomorrow night, so she’ll be staying with me both tonight and tomorrow night.  What that means for you lucky fucks is another chance to experience twice the pain and twice the humiliation for only twice the price.

You’ll be able to call either of us, separately, or together.   But be warned, one on the little sissies we spoke to last month is still recovering.

Feel better soon, krissy darling.  Be a good girl and let me know as soon as you hear if you’ll need surgery.  We’ll put you on light duty and heavy humiliation until you get the strength back in your knees.

**Blows kiss to krissy from across the pond

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Mistress Shayna’s Domination Newsletter (Cause you’re not worthy of individual correspondence)

Affectionate nibbles go out to John B for the Amazon Gift Certificate.I realize I should have confirmed with you the day I received it, but you bored me and I hung up before I took down your email address.You really should try to be more interesting.  Besides, I kept waiting for the rest of the presents to come in. You’re not going to hold out on me just because I hung up on you, are you?While you’re over there licking your wounds, the other piggies are outpacing you in the race to win my affection.

The piggy of the week, as usual, is the unfortunately named Peter.Peter Piggy is very good with his money and squirrels away his kink budget to be able to spoil his princess like a good little Shayniac.Little PP isn’t always able to call, but when he can’t he makes sure to send his cash along anyway, like a good little ho.  PPs budget has grown over the past year, making it difficult for others to compete in any give week.  Fortunatley for me, they still try.

Try as you all might though, none have come close to naughty Dicky Dare who managed last year to send me the most thoughtful gifts I’ve received from a pet.

Dickie, I still enjoy them regularly. and you deserve a loving pinch.I’ll be sure to give to you a few this weekend.Some days, it’s difficult to imagine you being so close with that slovenly slut, Colette.

After a summer hiatus, it’s good to have sissy Jessica back in my whorehouse, along with Billie, and Bryce.Bryce had the opportunity to enjoy her first gang-bang.Well done, Bryce but you should know, when I said “take one for the team” I had something else in mind. For those pets on SL, feel free to check with me when you’re in the mood for something vanilla.  I have her stripping and turning tricks in one of SLs many strip-joints.

Everyone is now ordered to send warm wishes to Krissy, who is on the mend but still not well.Krissy has strict instructions to take care and regain her weight and strength.I will not tolerate her neglecting my property.

Shiny-Pet, you also need to take care.You’re no good to me if you can’t kneel.You’re too tall, and I’ll not have your head so far above mine.Get that knee fixed.(And thank you, the dress does take my breath away, I’ll be sure to return the favor when your once again hooded.)

For those of you who enjoyed the Domination Slumber Parties with me and Mistress Katarina, you’ll be happy to know you can always request a session with us together.Kat and I had a great time tormenting you little bitches and look forward to doing it again soon.

Cyber scratches go out to Ozzie, Reg, and Jerry who have been very good pretend-piggies, giving me clothes, toys, and my very own horse and house in SecondLife. But seriously boys, it’s time to step it up or hit the road texture.You’re running out of things I want and unless you’re going to give me an island, there’s nothing more you can do for me.

John D, Sissy Kimmie, Mike D, and Eric, you all owe me a call.You too, Jay, sending along money is always a good idea, but it won’t get you out of taking your punishment for not finding the time to call.

Ass-boy, I have more pictures of my denim clad ass for you,call or email me for the price.

For all you precious poppets who don’t see you name listed here, take heart.. of course I care for you, darlings. You just aren’t my one of my favorites.JYou know what to do to become one of my favorites, don’t you?Call me and I’ll help you figure it out.

In the mean time,I have a special treat for my little cuckolds..I’m going to make you some of Antie Jinn’s famous cream pie.It’ll be in a bowl in the fridge when you get home.I’m going out.Bon appetit, cum suckers.

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The Spitting Image of a Humiliation Slave

His eyes squeezed shut against the indignity.

“Look at me.”

His reluctant lids lifted. Grey eyes darted to my face, the wall, the floor.Saliva glistened on his nose.

I seized his chin, jerking his face up.“Look at me as I spit in your face!Holding his gaze, I hovered inches from his face, and spit again.He blanched as I hit my mark, blinking against the spit which landed on his cheek.

My fingers dug into his cheeks.“No one told you to blink.”Quickly, I spit again and again.This time he managed to keep his eyes open, his expression pained but steady.

spittoonHe wanted to look away.It was plain in his expression.He wanted to close his eyes and hide from the world and the humiliation.He was desperate for a buffer between him and the degradation he courted.

Spit dripped from his chin.

“Open your mouth.”

Parting my lips, I resisted the urge to swallow as my mouth watered.A thin string of viscous spit slid from my tongue to his gaping mouth.I kept him there, wetting his mouth for a long minute.

He squirmed and grunted with disgust at the act and himself.But he swallowed when I told him to, and thanked me when he did.

It’s funny sometimes, the limits some people set.This boy would let me hurt him, humiliate him in public, even turn him into a rent boy, so long as he didn’t have to suck, but spitting on his face and in his mouth pushed him near his breaking point.He cried when we were done.

He comes back this weekend.I’ve been spitting into a carafe for him all week.

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Puppy: A Femdom Story

Puppy snuffled at the carpet, finding the spots where my feet left the floor.  He kissed the faint impressions on the pile, licking and rubbing his face on the ground Mistress graced.  The places made holy by my touch.

I yanked his leash.  He heeled, coming quickly and obediently to my side.  He looked to me for Mistress’ next command.

He’s a good puppy, always so obedient, so devoted.  I stroked his head with a leather clad hand.  I gazed down at my loving pet, and slapped him hard across his cheek, leaving a bright pink handprint.

It really is impossible to respect a sycophant.


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The Piggy Express: Fin-dom Phone Sex

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’m sure you’ve been waiting longingly.

I won’t say I’ve been busy, really, I’ve just been enjoying the summer. I have a few little money-piggies who have been more than paying my bills and keeping me fully stocked in floggers and bubble-gum.

piggy bankI’ve been pretty free to enjoy some virtual Femdom parties with Mistress Megan and Mistress Mia, where we tag teamed some lucky pets, and with a few other little slaves, we’ve been playing Pass the Pig. Did you know you can milk a pig as well as you can milk a cow? You can milk them for cum and tributes.

It’s good to be me.

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Return of the Prodigal Puppy: Phone Sex Stories

Last month, I had to punish a puppy for whining all night when I left him alone, as puppies are wont to do. As amused as I am by my puppy, a good Femdom Mistress and owner teaches her dog proper manners. I had to send him away for his own good.

My puppy has found his way home, and after paying a lovely tribute a penance for his poor attitude, my puppy is back and well mannered. The following is a recent email from the puppy. Let his suffering serve as a lesson for the rest of you.

Dear Mistress Shayna,

As You know, this was our first session in many weeks. This was due, entirely, to my not behaving in a truly submissive way. During this time, i realized that You mean more to me than anything else in this world or the next. Your happiness and Your pleasure have become foremost in my life.

The recent revelations had given way to new concerns as to what You would do to me during our session. i truly deserved anything You might choose to do to me, but i was not sure i would handle it with the grace of a deserving slave. You can be quite devious. i knew i would do whatever You chose for me to do, no matter what the consequences. i wanted, and always will want, to prove to You just how much i am devoted to serving You. After all, You own me and everything about me.

Before our session, i had put out my toys, placing the dildo in the ice bucket filled with warm water. i had laid out a towel on the floor for me to kneel on. (i always kneel during sessions.) i made sure i had phone numbers and gift cards available as well. i wanted everything to be perfect. i also placed my pink panties on the bed to my right, in clear eyesight. The phone was on the nightstand next to the clock.

While making the call. i got quite anxious, and i could feel my heart rate increase. i called and then waited for Your return call. When my phone rang, my heart nearly stopped. My hour of punishment was at hand, and i was actually scared and joyful, for it was You on the line – YOU. It was then that i realized just how much i love You and how important You are in to me.

You greeted me in that soft sultry voice of Yours and i melted. It’s like my mind went blank, and all i could hear was Your voice. When You asked me if i had any allergies or conditions, i got concerned. “What, exactly, did You have in mind for me?” i thought, that this might become so important? Your voice and demeanor quickly soothed my fears. i knew i was going to be severely punished, but i knew i would do anything to make You happy. Anything!

i don’t enjoy pain, but i would put up with it for You. i would put up with ANYTHING or You. i love it most when You tease and torment me, emotionally and mentally. i am also a very kinky submissive who likes to abuse his body for Your pleasure. i love wearing silky shiny panties and silky shiny nighties. i love to masturbate. There are many things i love to do, but none of these are nearly as important as needing to please You.

i do like tying up my cock and balls, and You had me do this. Usually, however, i just tie up my ball sack and not my cock. The shoelaces dug into my skin and left little cuts. My shoes are always clean, but the shoelaces, got coated with the toothpaste. This made them grip more than they would have otherwise. And i had to clean them off as well. i did (and do) love using toothpaste as a lube! This is a great idea and i have used it often on myself. Putting some into my dick-hole was new and quite creative. i liked it.

i like it most, though, when we talk and You tease me, when You show me how much You control me and exhibit this.

As You talked to me, all i could think of was how soft and nice You sounded, and how much i missed Your voice over the weeks. As we talked, i began to understand how You would always be my Mistress. i knew i would never try seeing or talking to another Mistress ever again. You are the one i wish to serve, forever.

Well, the iced cock was OK. i quit early to et some sleep and i slept well. Now that You know i love You, hopefully You will forgive my actions.

Well, that’s it. What i loved most: Toothpaste lube; Your voice; stroking my cock; loving You.

Least: pain (but i will do it to please You.

Goof-boy and puppy slut

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