10 Totally Random Facts About Mistress Shayna Domina

The Real Woman Behind Mistress Shayna Domina

Sometimes, not often, but just every once in a while, I have clients who want to know who I am as a person when I”m not being their Mistress.  Anyone who’s checked out my site or followed my social media will realize that I tend to be private about personal things, choosing to focus solely on the sissification fetish that brings us all together.

That said, I understand the urge to sometimes see a Mistress as a real person, instead of the two dimensional character we may seem when we’re only talking about pegging boys and taking their money.  So I decided to throw together a few random facts that even my best, most intimate clients don’t know about me.

  1. My friendship can be bought with nice, creamy, salted caramels and my loyalty to a person is directly proportionate to how many cups of coffees they’ve supplied me with.
  2. I’m liberal and agnostic, but have little patience for people who bash republicans and religion.  Blanket statements are ignorant no matter what side of the aisle you’re slinging them from.  I will, however, support anyone who points out that emperor Trump’s new clothes look a lot like Klan robes.  Republicans at large may be decent people, but that fucker is just a racist.
  3. Before I was a Mistress, I was a make-up artist.  It was while practicing on my boyfriends that I learned how erotic is can be to put lipstick on a  man.. Though it might have also been because I straddled a their laps while I put it on them.
  4. I used to have a thick, New York accent.  I worked hard to beat it back, but every once in a while it will slip out in certain words or phrases.
  5. My favorite book is The Little Prince.  I see a lot of power exchange relationships in that story.  The rose is a Princess Domme, of course.  The fox is a great example of a submissive who is clear about his needs and desires, though he could be accused of topping from the bottom.  The Little Prince is a switch, and the king is a total Insta-Dom.
  6. I consider myself to be straight, though I’ve slept with women and enjoyed it.  I’ve also fucked my vibrator though, and I don’t have romantic feelings toward it, either.
  7. I like blowing glass. That’s not a euphemism for anything.  A glass artist I know lets people use his studio for a fee and I make glass ornaments there.  I may or may not have been influenced to pursue the hobby because the furnace we use to work the glass with is called a glory hole.
  8. As much as I’m obsessed with make-up, I rarely wear it.  When I’m not busy telling you perverts dirty little stories, I’m a writer who sits in her office for most of the day and sees no one.  I save myself time and spare my pores by leaving the make-up for parties and dates.
  9. I’m messy.  At this moment, I have folded clothes on my dresser that haven’t been put away in the past week.  I have another load of clothes waiting in a basket to be folded (and now, ironed) and I also have dirty clothes that are spilling over the edge of a hamper.. When the stores open, I’m going to shop for clean, unwrinkled clothes.
  10. I’ve had crushes on fictional characters.   No matter what you do or who you are, you will never live up to the Scarlett Pimpernel in my heart.  ….mmmmm.. the Scarlett Pimpernel.  He looks and acts like a sissy, but under all the wigs and make-up, you know he’d fuck a girl like an animal and make her know he’s a man.  ..kind of the exact opposite of most of my readers, huh?  😉

There you have it.  10 random things you’d never have known or guessed about me, but somehow care about anyway.

Now… back to the sissification.


Mistress Shayna Domina